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I feel very sorry for the people who believe the bullshit we just heard. There are a lot of broken people who are being lied to and many of them want to believe the lie because their religion has become politics and they cannot believe their god is abandoning them.

Will anyone be honest enough to acknowledge that most of what is happening right now has more to do with payback for how the Democrats behaved after 2016 then about legitimate claims of fraud in the election?

Hand recount matches the machine count in Georgia using Dominion Voting Systems. Conspiracy theorists be like

In Georgia yesterday, Lin Wood submitted evidence of voter fraud in Michigan, but the townships and precincts he used for his evidence are actually in Minnesota

Atlanta traffic is all screwed up because the Vice President's motorcade went the wrong way on I-285.

QAnon is now pushing the theory that Republicans who refer to Joe Biden as President-Elect are pedophiles.

Insert comment about female preachers and what scripture says.

I see some of y'all retweeting Randy Quaid, a man with some serious issues. That speaks poorly of y'all. But he's telling ya what you want to hear so you'll seal clap him.


"The riots are happening in Donald Trump's America and will stop if you elect Joe Biden" sounds very much like extortion.

Georgia hospitalizations for COVID-19 are now below 1000 people for the first time since April 8. This is great news. Where does Brian Kemp go for an apology after the national media and Democrats smeared him? (Not that he cares for an apology)

Rush Limbaugh gets an extraordinary amount of hate from people who failed in the talk radio business. These same people are always convinced they failed because their audience sucked as opposed to they sucked.

A constitutional amendment: Election Day will be a national holiday. Early voting and absentee voting shall be prohibited except for the infirmed, those over 70, and those in active military service. Everyone must show a photo id to vote.

A lot of people screaming about vote fraud don't really understand what they are talking about. As someone who actually defended elections (and challenged them) based on vote fraud, let me explain how daunting it is to throw out a statewide election on vote fraud.

I would appreciate it if the media did at least recognize that they themselves reported the CDC and WHO were telling people in Feb/March that masks wouldn’t stop the virus and there was no need to wear them.

Disney executives said they didn't want to keep filming in Georgia due to a prolife fetal heartbeat law, but have gone into areas of China where the population is being exterminated and worked with the exterminators and their propagandists to film Mulan.