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Steel layoffs. Del Monte layoffs. Consumer income declines. Lower than expected job growth. This isn’t talking down the economy. This is all what is happening and the known and forecasted outcome of imposing tariffs and starting a trade war.

How long before progressives decide an invasion of Brazil is necessary to stop Brazilians from using their land?

From "he doesn't hold press conferences" to "he holds 35 minute press conferences, but he doesn't let us ambush him."

Surprise, Surprise: The New Yorker Turns a Fun Little Chicken Sandwich War into a Political Story -

I’m totally cool and a wee bit jealous that the Obama family could buy that house. The US is such an awesome country. But yeah, seeing people in public service get rich for being public servants is notable.


Pay not attention to Elizabeth Warren stirring racial hatred and antagonism against the police by lying about Michael Brown’s death. No, our media betters want you to singularly pay attention to Donald Trump retweeting a conspiracy theory about Epstein.

If the land in which the United States was founded has been tainted by racism since the 1600s and everything derived therefrom is therefore tainted, then the US is illegitimate, the constitution is illegitimate, and revolution is the answer —

When white nationalists start posting the donor information of Jewish donors, remember you guys said it was just public information so it wasn't a big deal. Y'all are playing with fire here because you hate the President, but you can't control the fire once it spreads.

Really disappointed in so many at Fox News defending Manafort, who is in jail because of credible evidence he was tampering with witnesses, which is illegal and causes anyone else to be put in jail to await trial too.

This is why political donations should no longer be made public. The left is weaponizing transparency to ensure donors to their political opponents are harassed, boycotted, or worse.

I just have a hard time believing climate change extremists when so many of them also believe boys can become girls.

It is actually a sign of sickness in our country that political opposites cheer/jeer a business refusing service due to political beliefs. It’s a sign of sickness that a restaurant would do that. It’s another step down a path towards real separation. This doesn’t end well.

Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns. Buy more guns.

The left has no concept of forgiveness of sins. Christ died that we might be forgiven our sins against God. 500,000 union soliders died for the propitiation of the nation's original sin. But you'd never know that from the left.