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I got paid in an expired gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse. But, around the same time, Herman Cain decided to run for President and WSB Radio in Atlanta needed a replacement for him.

It is really instructive how many reporters who relied on leaks about the FBI investigation are now refusing to make eye contact with the Inspector General’s findings.

About a decade ago, a local radio personality in Middle Georgia got arrested in a crack house. I was on CNN at the time and the local station asked if I'd fill in the next day. The day turned into a week, which turned into 3 months.

The president of the company heard me on the radio and thought it was my show. The company offered me Cain's job and didn't realize I had no work history in radio until after I was hired.

Now I'm going to be back on radio in the place I actually live. That's kinda cool and another reminder God's got plans for all of us.

Jews have better food at Hanukkah than Christians have for Christmas. This isn’t really controversial except to people who want a ham, which no one should want. cc: @MarkArum 

A friend of mine pointed out that when Ford v Ferrari came out, very few reporters were upset about the inaccurate portrayal of Leo Beebe. But because it's a reporter in the Richard Jewell movie, they're suddenly morally outraged at inaccurate portrayals of real people.

I've been dying laughing at this. 😂😂😂 Wait for the cameo at right about 1:00.


Dear members of the media, if you want to understand why no one cares about impeachment and minds are not being changed, watch this and understand.

President Trump has committed an egregious act of betrayal in what he is doing to the Kurds. Shame on him.

Not sure it is worth saying “he’s pro-life” when today he’s allowing the extermination of hundreds of American allies.

Pretty sure if Obama has tweeted a pic of the Iranian missile site, a lot of the people saying it was no big deal would be seriously outraged. But Obama never did that.

Really disappointed in so many at Fox News defending Manafort, who is in jail because of credible evidence he was tampering with witnesses, which is illegal and causes anyone else to be put in jail to await trial too.