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📣 Recap of the week:
‣ We discussed the #FutureofEurope with @EmmanuelMacron
‣ reported on enlargement and #WesternBalkans
‣ unveiled new #SecurityUnion initiatives
‣ presented outcome of #EUTrade negotiations with Japan and Singapore
More → https://t.co/NehEaoqusu
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The #DataProtection clock is ticking!
In few days, our new EU rules will come into application, granting new rights to EU citizens. What does it mean for you?
Learn more about #GDPRhttps://t.co/eUYVho41OG
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A complaint we heard on Dieselgate was that EU failed to act. In reality, our margin of manoeuvre was limited. We now agreed on reform that gives us power to make sure manufacturers will no longer get away with cheating. We welcome EP green light. https://t.co/iZ8zkiEsp3
Anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese steel ropes and cables will continue.

We are using the full potential of our trade defence toolbox to ensure a level-playing-field for our producers and their ability to maintain jobs in the sector.
https://t.co/ul0FDbmQVf #EUTrade
The EU reached a new peak in employment rate!
In 2017, the employment rate of people aged 20 to 64 in the European Union stood at 72.2%, up compared with 2016. The upward trend is visible both for women and men→ https://t.co/ZI6MUTLutf
We are looking fror IT experts, coders and bright minds to help us unlock the potential of #blockchain. Join our first-ever anti-counterfeiting blockchain competition in Europe.
Apply to the #EUBlockathon2018 by 30 April → https://t.co/a1GZmp3ybZ
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In less than two weeks, we will present our proposals for a #EUBudget beyond 2020. EU Leaders will then have the opportunity to decide on a budget that helps us build the Europe we aspire to. #FutureofEurope
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We welcome today's adoption of the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive by the @Europarl_EN.
These new rules will bring more transparency to fight money laundering and terrorist financing across the EU → https://t.co/DG8AKY5AiQ
We supported a breakthrough discovery in cancer research.
Researchers @ULBRecherche backed by @ERC_Research have identified the types of tumor cells causing metastases. This will have major implications for the diagnosis and therapy of cancer patients → https://t.co/S0mZhFcAJz
Almost one in ten people in the EU work in retail companies.
We are publishing a set of best practices to create a more open, integrated and competitive retail sector → https://t.co/5EEcB3txNw
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