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News and information from the European Commission. Tweets by the Social Media Team. Engaging on #TeamJunckerEU priorities: http://ec.europa.eu/priorities/

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We are releasing €7.2 million to step up the fight against Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo.
Find out more about our response to the Ebola outbreak ↓
We are meeting with Japan to discuss economic cooperation.
Global trade challenges, energy and climate change, international investment and digital economy topics are addressed → https://t.co/TE82B06c9x #EUTrade
📌 Take a look at the #TeamJunckerEU calendar for the week including the #FutureofEurope debate in #EPlenary and #EUdialogueshttps://t.co/h8G4JJRWkN
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🎬🏆 Last days to apply for the #EUandME Young Filmmakers Competition 👉https://t.co/YjyZBovhuv

5 short films by aspiring filmmakers will premiere in 2019, following 5 films by established European directors released in 2018: https://t.co/5eiRDQs8sn
Join our live chat Friday 26 October at 14:30 CET.
Ask all your questions on artificial intelligence using the hashtag #ERCTalks!
Safe toys mean safe kids. Do you think the toys sold in the EU are safe?
Help us ensure high standards of toy safety. Tell us in our online survey → https://t.co/hEq9VSM3x4 #EUHaveYourSay #EUprotects
Collecting support for your initiative can be challenging!
Take part in this European Citizens’ Initiative webinar on 22 October at 11:00 CET and learn how to gather citizens’ support 💪 for your ideas ➡️ https://t.co/jhjV1kOuMG #EUTakeTheInitiative
A pharmacist wanted to develop innovative products and help patients allergic to traditional ointments.
With help from the EU, his company in Belgium succeeded in developing wound care that helps everyone heal faster.
https://t.co/l34L4aGNvt #investEU #EFSI
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25 years ago, our #SingleMarket was created.
European citizens now fully embrace the freedoms and opportunities that were only a dream for their parents and grandparents → https://t.co/YNCPJFRTVv #EUandMe
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We are on the #EURoad2Sibiu!

On 9 May next year, the 27 EU Leaders will meet at an extraordinary summit in Sibiu, Romania to decide on the way forward for the #FutureofEurope.

Our end destination? A more united, democratic and stronger Union → https://t.co/noyyw7TwSS
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