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Latest Scoops

This NC elections chief has her act together.
Arguing About Slavery turned me around on the old coot. So did Louisa Thomas’ book on his formidable wife.
It’s a Buteo, not a falcon or accipiter. Red-tail or red-shoulder, maybe. Youngish, too.
Best bad-ball hitter ever, and a cannon from RF.
Associate Producer For Hannity has thoughts.
Has Giannis come down yet?
I went and made a sandwich.
Giannis is going to dunk everything tonight.

The Most Relevant

Let us be clear. The hiring of Steve Bannon as a WH policy adviser is exactly the same as hiring David Duke. Please don't normalize this.
Here's where we remember that the CDC is forbidden BY LAW from studying gun violence as a public health problem.
I am not kidding.
We need UN election observers in Georgia...the state, not the country.
If you thought you wouldn't live long enough to hear a president mock a guy going thru chemo for brain cancer, congratulations. You made it.
Let me see if I have this straight.
1) Secret Service busts guy near WH.
2) SS takes guns away and gives them to guy's Dad.
3) Dad gives guns back to kid.
4) Kid shoots up Waffle House.

Gun culture is weird, man.
The FBI dudes literally busted Roger Stone for free.
At the heel of the hunt, I think the key to general Republican complicity in this scandal is going to be the fact that a lot of them got laundered Russian money in 2016, a lot of which got washed by the NRA.
I say we take away Joel Osteen's tax-exemption and we give it to Mattress Mack.
Can we at least mention that the Senate Judiciary voted to put a blogger w/no legal experience on the federal bench for life?
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