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I suppose that El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago's latest tantrum on the electric Twitter machine is excusable if he was “grim-faced” when he dispatched it, or appropriately sober when he hit “send.”

I’m going to have to root for Doug Collins in that primary, aren’t I?

Garry Wills likes to point out that Jesus never made priests, let along bishops, let alone a pope.

August in Milwaukee is miserably hot. Be prepared.

Best hoop I ever saw live? 1984 Olympic team trials in Bloomington.

"If more people are able to vote, then we lose. Therefore, fewer people should be able to vote." This is not a syllogism for a healthy democracy, but it seems to be the motto of the Republican Party.

1) Get my breakfast at the little spot near my office where I go almost every day. 2) Hugs. 3) Ballpark, if possible.

Any L&O ep with Van Buren at its center is worth five stars.


Let us be clear. The hiring of Steve Bannon as a WH policy adviser is exactly the same as hiring David Duke. Please don't normalize this.

Dear Headline Writers: Mnuchin is not “declining a request.” He’s breaking the law.

I will say this again — if Sanders is the nominee in the fall, and you don’t vote for him, the second Trump term is on you, not him and not his supporters and not the Democratic Party.

In January, German scientists developed the first test for COVID-19 and the World Health Organization offered the test to countries around the world and 60 countries accepted. We were not one of them.

I think we all should take a step back and ponder the fact that the president* of the United States just admitted in a court finding that he’d looted a charity.

Here's where we remember that the CDC is forbidden BY LAW from studying gun violence as a public health problem.

A reminder that, when JFK made the commitment to go to the moon, the top tax rate was 91 percent. When Apollo 11 landed, it was 77 percent. Now we “can’t afford” to pay for anything.

Jon Stewart has gotten conspicuously angry in public twice. The first time, he got Crossfire cancelled. The second time, he got this bill passed. He's already contributed more to American politics than Newt Gingrich has in 30 years.

I am not kidding. We need UN election observers in Georgia...the state, not the country.

I would rather let Carnival cruise line die than people my age. Just sayin’.