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If you're not watching the sanctions hearing for the Kraken Krewe, you're missing Lin Wood throwing everyone under a very long freight train.

@RealDavidIsrael  @NorthwesternUBill  Jauss was the unofficial McGuire/Marquette beat guy during the glory days, including my 4 years there. He was a great man to drink beer with and he had the greatest Sportswriters On TV moment when he called Rick Telander a fascist.

Happy Birthday to Linda Ronstadt and thank you, Thomas Edison, for inventing a way for us to keep listening to her glorious voice even though it has been stilled by Parkinson's disease. This one always kills me.

I love "Chuck E's In Love" so much that it saves all the other hopeless dreck in this survey. Rickie Lee just swings it. #AT40 

@BigTenMap_Guy  @TimBrandoH  @ClaretJuge  @collin_morikawa 's going to be the most popular guy on tour. He could get elected to Parliament over there after that acceptance speech.

Giving the other guy a chance for another standing O was a master class in, well, class.

Pause for a moment to remember all the people who wept and wailed at the Dream Team's sullying of the Olympic Ideal in 1992. All that team did was inspire a lot of kids from other countries -- like, say, Greece -- to get really good at basketball.

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But here’s the thing: this is the second explosion at this facility in the past two years.


I will say this again — if Sanders is the nominee in the fall, and you don’t vote for him, the second Trump term is on you, not him and not his supporters and not the Democratic Party.

A major American city is being softly Pinochet’ed in broad daylight.

If Ted Cruz were an ordinary dude, and he did a Mexico roundtrip in less than 17 hours, the DEA would be waiting on his lawn when he got home.

If you’re keeping score at home, it’s too dangerous to hold the convention in Jacksonville but safe to open schools.

In January, German scientists developed the first test for COVID-19 and the World Health Organization offered the test to countries around the world and 60 countries accepted. We were not one of them.

Wait a minute. The Secret Service asked the mayor of Tulsa to put a curfew in place for the next two nights. The mayor complies. And the president* demands the city call it off? 1) The mayor should’ve told the president* to stuff it. 2) He wants a riot. He’s begging for one.

I have been around this racket for going on 40 years, and I have never seen a purportedly neutral poll that left out a top-tier candidate simply because it wanted to.

I’m coming to the conclusion that William Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report was not made in good faith.

Sheldon Whitehouse has sunk his teeth into what always has been the hinkiest part of that whole episode—namely, how Brett Kavanaugh’s substantial personal indebtedness was settled up before he was confirmed.

We just killed the second-most powerful person in the Iranian government with no warning, nothing to Congress? This is crazy.