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My all-timer is Tyrone Power v. Basil Rathbone in The Mark Of Zorro.

Actually, Obi-Wan v. Vader in A New Hope is pretty classic — a lot of bind attacks and disengages. I fenced old dudes like Obi-Wan when I was young —- all defense and counters. Drives you crazy.

I think giving LeBron James’s kid the same ESPN hype treatment his Dad got is a little bit strange.

Gordon Urquhart as a Rebel Alliance fighter jock!

“A is for excellence. B is for beefs.” — Yoshi’s Pedological Internal Monologue

There also was one who shared a name with a more obscure Elizabethan playwright — D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

Done right, sportswriting can tell the truth and keep faith with its audience.

Excuse me, Rep. Hurd? 1998 called and would like a word.

How does the NFL let Jerry Jones get away with that absurd bay window?


Let us be clear. The hiring of Steve Bannon as a WH policy adviser is exactly the same as hiring David Duke. Please don't normalize this.

Dear Headline Writers: Mnuchin is not “declining a request.” He’s breaking the law.

I think we all should take a step back and ponder the fact that the president* of the United States just admitted in a court finding that he’d looted a charity.

Here's where we remember that the CDC is forbidden BY LAW from studying gun violence as a public health problem.

A reminder that, when JFK made the commitment to go to the moon, the top tax rate was 91 percent. When Apollo 11 landed, it was 77 percent. Now we “can’t afford” to pay for anything.

Jon Stewart has gotten conspicuously angry in public twice. The first time, he got Crossfire cancelled. The second time, he got this bill passed. He's already contributed more to American politics than Newt Gingrich has in 30 years.

I am not kidding. We need UN election observers in Georgia...the state, not the country.

If you thought you wouldn't live long enough to hear a president mock a guy going thru chemo for brain cancer, congratulations. You made it.

If you’re using more airtime on Jussie Smollett than on Christopher Hasson, you’re doing TV very wrong.

Is Rep. Matt Gaetz the biggest schmuck currently gracing the halls of Congress?