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The reactions were on fire & star performances shone as Emile Faurie pushed Patrik Kittel all the way in the Dre#FEIWorldCupssage las@olympiahorsete night. Catch up on all the action now: https://t.co/xvXO2ss33s
Looking at these pics of moms/siblings with the children of Sandy Hook is just crushing. Nothing I could say on twitter today is more worthy of your attention/thought. Let’s get rapid fire guns off street. See you tomorrow.
💚 Six months on from the tragic #GrenfellTower fire.

We look back at how #QPR, @QPRtrust and the local community have worked together to show those affected that they are not alone.
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City blanketed in smoke as Mayfield tip catches fire https://t.co/oTqKuphnZP
Schoolboy, 10, phones triple zero, evacuates family as Camberwell fire engulfs house https://t.co/lzZZlFHF49
'This fire is a beast': Massive inferno keeps growing despite all-out battle https://t.co/9yDePnR3zH
Arsenal are facing an identity crisis as they fire blanks

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