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Latest Scoops

This kickoff return is peak #Pac12AfterDark ...
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Kyler knows big stats.
Kyler Murray turned on the JETS with this 75-yard run 😮
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Travis Etienne scored the TD, then immediately ran to a group of military members on the sidelines to celebrate with them 👏
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✅ Broken tackles
✅ Changed fields
✅ Pylon dive

This run has it all!
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The cold never bothered them anyways ❄️
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Alabama's undefeated record with their schedule is actually impressive.

@jasonfitz and @TScalesESPN make their case for the Crimson Tide ... right now on #TheCollegeFootballShowhttps://t.co/wzfyVXBT0b
In a battle between ranked opponents, Notre Dame beat Syracuse convincingly.

@jasonfitz and @TScalesESPN break down the consequences of a huge statement win by the Irish ... right now on #TheCollegeFootballShowhttps://t.co/wzfyVXBT0b
There were many plays today that made us go "holy cow!"

@jasonfitz and @TScalesESPN take a look at the highlights we'll be watching on repeat for the rest of the night ... right now on #TheCollegeFootballShowhttps://t.co/wzfyVXBT0b
First Temple completes the comeback win on Senior Day ... then they put WR Travon Williams on scholarship.

(via @Temple_FB)
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