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* checks ESPN to make sure @AlabamaFTBL isn't in the Eastern Conference finals *
It was a French Marty Party for the Wolverines!
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The national champs had a nice weekend at the NFL Draft 👀
As Shaquem Griffin is drafted to the Seahawks, here's a reminder of what his story means to children who face similar adversity:
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After being drafted by the Chicago Bears, former Iowa Hawkeye James Daniels received a special message from the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.
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Michigan’s Marty Party has hit Paris.

All bets are off.
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The first round ended just as it began.

With a Heisman winner.
Hey Baltimore, Lamar’s Heisman pose is elite.
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Julio Jones. Calvin Ridley.

The Atlanta air game will have a distinct tint of crimson.
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