Melbourne / Dalila Jakupovic

Awful scenes in Melbourne. Dalila Jakupovic has abandoned her #AusOpen  qualifying match after suffering a coughing fit while playing in thick smoke caused by the #AustralianFires .

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Melbourne / Dalila Jakupovic

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It’s quite toasty at @CLTMotorSpdwy  and humid, too. Gonna be a very long night for teams, spotters under masks. Truly wish them the best.

Virus crisis a major challenge for nonprofit organizations providing fitness opportunities and activities for children from middle- and low-income neighborhoods. by @jcohenap 

This goal is straight out of Fifa 😂 The scenes!

OF COURSE Dominic Cummings, who has spent the past year accusing the BBC of being too Islington, lives in a giant townhouse in Islington

i’ve decided to become a film critic but i refuse to learn anything about film. there’s no need. i’ll write about a movie having a “chekhov’s gun” element and eventually someone will piece together that i somehow think chekhov’s gun is a type of star wipe. it’s jon’s film reviews

Peyton Manning trashtalking Tom Brady, says he should’ve had Nick Foles as his caddy 😂 Tom says “That’s a cheap shot” 😜 #Eagles  🎥 @BleacherReport 

“Doing pretty good in the rain. I’m impressed. He’s more of a dome quarterback” 😂 @TomBrady  (via @BleacherReport )

I never want to see good golf on television again. This is amazing.

EXCLUSIVE: Rafael Benítez wants to make his second coming at Newcastle United — and he is keen on signing John Stones and Ross Barkley. @Matt_Law_DT  reports:

@allforgod_55  has been CRUSHIN' defenders since high school 😤