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#BrettKavanaugh -The Supreme Court must “never be viewed as a partisan institution.” But that’s what it is thanks to a GOP willing to break all the norms to control it. This deepens the anger over the failure to take Kavanaugh’s accusers seriously My column

Why do journalists persist in investigating accusations against #BrettKavanaugh ? It’s not a liberal conspiracy. It’s because Judiciary Committee Republicans said they supported an FBI inquiry and it turned out to be a sham. My column

Words can’t capture my sadness over #CokieRoberts ’ death. Her love of life, politics & journalism was infectious. She had no time for cant or pretension. I’m forever grateful for the warmth she & Steve showed me when I started out in journalism. I’m one of many to be so blessed.

“The unimaginable may have happened...Based on initial exit polls, the age of Benjamin Netanyahu may have come to an end...Israel stood at the edge of a religious-nationalist abyss and, at the very last moment, took a step back.” @ChemiShalev  @haaretzcom 

The taxpayers didn’t rescue #GM  so the company could offshore jobs & keep wages down. The #UAWStrike  is about issues that go to the heart of the challenges facing U.S. wage earners in an economy undergoing rapid change. It matters to all workers. My column

Those of us who supported keeping #GM  alive didn’t do so to make it easier for management to outsource jobs or hold down pay forever. Every Democratic candidate for president should be joining the #UAW ’s picket lines to drive that point home. My column

“Democratic [House] districts have seen their median household income soar in a decade—from $54,000 in 2008 to $61,000 in 2018....Republican districts began slightly higher in 2008, but then declined from $55,000 to $53,000.” @BrookingsInst  study

Thanks to my colleague @ThePlumLineGS  for sharing that @BrookingsInst  study I just tweeted. He is right to see that the big Red/Blue economic gap will encourage more #Trump  demagoguery. It also cries out for new policy thinking on regional inequality.

Why the CIA information #Trump  is stonewalling could be about a scandal “way, way worse than Watergate,” @JRubinBlogger  writes.

Trump used the July 25 conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to pressure [him] to more aggressively pursue an investigation that Trump believed would deliver potential political dirt against one of the president’s political adversaries”


Let’s not whisper it or mumble: The issue is that we have a president who has no business being president. My column

Democrats: Stop tearing each other apart over impeachment. That only helps #Trump . The path is clear: Keep impeachment on the table but first use hearings & further inquiries to make clear to the majority just how outrageous Trump's behavior is. My column

Even before the #CorkerKickBack  went viral, this tax bill was a festival of corruption, full of provisions that help donors and tilt the tax code to the privileged and corporations. (And, please, no more talk of #Trump  as a "populist.") My column

McConnell says "we've cemented the Supreme Court right-of-center for a generation." So much for the legitimacy of an institution that is not supposed to be partisan. So much for its being an "umpire" calling "balls and strikes." So much for the fraud of "originalism."

Monday Night Massacre: Trump fires Sally Yates, Acting AG who refused to defend his indefensible #MuslimBan . History will remember her well.

A column I don't regret writing: "Any senator who votes to confirm #Barr ] in the hope that he’ll fight back against Trump’s abuses is choosing to ignore the many red flags Barr waved before us amid all the smoke."

Joint / Statement: "Now that the television networks have decided to air the President’s address, which if his past statements are any indication will be full of malice and misinformation, Democrats must immediately be given equal airtime."

Bill Maher: "Did you protect President Obama?” Eric Holder: "The difference between me and Jeff Sessions is I had a president I did not have to protect.”

The FBI had nothing to justify its election-changing intervention against #Clinton . Zero. Zilch. It was all politics

Defeating #Trump  is the absolutely necessary first step toward a more humane politics. This means the left and center-left cannot spend their time tearing each other apart. Lessons from the British #LabourSplit . My column