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Governments must not use this crisis as a tool to set in place new restrictions or regulations on whistleblowers, activists, or others who are sharing information.

Today, we need companies to step up by providing repair instructions, specifications, and technical aid to the global volunteer corps of makers and fixers who have given themselves over to helping us all weather this calamity.

DOJ's recently-issued final rule requiring DNA from hundreds of thousands of individuals in immigration detention is a dangerous expansion of biometric collection based not on alleged conduct, but instead on immigration status.

The Vallejo Police Department should put the cell-site simulator back on the shelf until there is a full public debate over the policy for cell-phone surveillance.

Without anonymous speech, some lies powerful people tell would go unchecked.

We’ve been approached by U.S.-based mutual aid organizers to provide guidance on digital security and privacy considerations. Here are some of our thoughts on organizing mutual aid efforts on the web privately and securely.

After a letter from Congress and multiple statements from Verily and Google, users still do not have enough information about how using this service will affect their medical privacy. So, we have a few questions of our own.

Ever left your phone in a coffee shop or a taxi? You might want to pay attention to this case

EFF believes TV viewers should be able to access free local broadcasts on their devices—especially now, amid the COIVD-19 pandemic. That's why we're defending Locast, a free, local TV streaming service facing bogus copyright claims by giant broadcasters.

Members of Congress are asking ICANN to halt the private equity takeover of the .ORG domain. The security and stability of nonprofit websites are more important than ever. Add your voice.


BREAKING: a federal judge has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelers’ cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices when we cross the U.S. border are unconstitutional. This is an enormous victory for privacy.

If passed, this bill could fulfill a long-standing dream of U.S. law enforcement: the end of private, encrypted messaging on the Internet.

BREAKING: We’ve confirmed that the Ring doorbell app on Android covertly shares personally identifiable information on its users with third-party companies, including Facebook.

We've received documents that confirm: - Best Buy gave the FBI a tour of their repair facility - The FBI paid Geek Squad employees as informants - FBI agents have a process for investigating & prosecuting people who sent their devices to the Geek Squad

BREAKING: In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against #Article13  and #Article11 —the disastrous #CensorshipMachine  and #LinkTax  copyright proposals. That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.

If US border agents asked you to provide social media information or access to your digital devices or cloud content, contact inf @eff .org

The Internet lost a hero today. EFF is mourning the loss of our visionary co-founder, John Perry Barlow.

Tumblr's new "adult content" filter is so bad at its job, it flagged Tumblr's own examples of acceptable nudity