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Flashback in today’s PACIFIC
@mosseri @jason_kint @juliettekayyem @donlemon @brianstelter Fair enough. But they come to you for the data. That is what you guys have to offer. It’s why they do business with you.
What’s next: ZUCKERBERG CNN interview https://t.co/0XlGcwnJiI
Folks, a note. Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg’s decision to not comment publicly on Cambridge Analytica is very notable. But their absence from a routine staff meeting in Menlo Park is not. These meetings happen all the time. It would be more newsworthy if they *did* attend.
Today’s PACIFIC: Inside Facebook: What Mark Zuckerberg is thinking, and why he’s staying out of the spotlight...
PACIFIC will be late today on account of NEWS — sign up here: https://t.co/ODGsaS7Fxc
“If protecting data was truly at the heart of Facebook's business, Facebook wouldn't be in business.”

That and more in today’s PACIFIC...
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