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Never inferred that. But some of them are, and I believe the trend now is away from clickbait and gimmicks.
Meanwhile, @joepompeo reports that the Koch-Meredith takeover of Time Inc. may indeed happen >> https://t.co/YP2b7ypB27 #strangetimes
Before you freakout about the volatility in digital media, take solace in this: We’re moving away from mind-numbingly dumb clickbait and gimmicks and toward quality content that people will pay for. What’s wrong with that?
New @CNN: Add the Daily Beast to the list of digital sites eyeing a sale >> https://t.co/H85Hrphe3O
It’s about goddamn time for some shouting matches on the Senate floor...
This @DVNJr / @SethWickersham backstory on Jones vs Goodell is incredible:: “If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p---y compared to what I'm going to do."https://t.co/bNM1pe8wTj
Folks, do not rule out Amazon as a potential buyer of 21st Century Fox... https://t.co/k35eZrTYvR
New @WSJ: Axios Raises $20 Million to Fund Newsroom Expansion https://t.co/b3PAW90qQq via @WSJ
New: Rupert Murdoch is serious about selling 21st Century Fox, and he has suitors:

- Comcast
- Verizon
- Disney (at one point)
- Who else?

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