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Latest Scoops

Didn’t see this coming.... U.S. warned Kushner about Wendi Deng Murdoch https://t.co/NFjfTniBz8 via @WSJ
HBO has been fine-tuning this pitch to content creators for months: 'Netflix may have more money, but we’ll take better care of you'. Now it’s out in open, via @JBFlint :: https://t.co/t3t4TmtrTr
More: In video interview, Facebook VP Adam Mosseri tells @LaurieSegallCNN the move is a "rebalancing" of how Facebook's algorithms rank items: https://t.co/3rg6arrbic
FACEBOOK News: Mark Zuckerberg talks to the New York Times’ @MikeIsaac about his move to maximize “meaningful interaction” on his platform :: https://t.co/2cpd9Y3VND
David Zaslav, asked by Aryeh Bourkoff if he would let Oprah out of her contract to run for President, says “Oprah is in charge of her own destiny.” #CES2018
New @maggieNYT: President Trump is expected to attend the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, in the coming weeks https://t.co/sBuO5dnFuh
Trending Down: "Just 50% of U.S. adults now get news regularly from television, down from 57% a year prior in early 2016” https://t.co/yqAeFnVXj3
What’d I miss?
“The great thing about Donald Trump being president is now we’re forced to have the dialogue.” — @S_C_ https://t.co/vBUsSyWp7m
Good writeup from @TonyRomm: "FCC Chairman Ajit Pai blasted everyone from Cher to Twitter for opposing his efforts to repeal net neutrality rules” https://t.co/M17Paj7iiY
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