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Power Lunch: Apple’s Tim Cook lunching with Fox’s Rupert & Lachlan Murdoch ... he met with AT&T’s Randall Stephenson and John Stankey earlier #SunValley
Talk of the Sun Valley Lodge: Bob Iger breakfasting with Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall and Lachlan Murdoch yesterday morning for all to see. Plus, Rupert walking straight past Brian Roberts and ignoring him on his way over to Iger. https://t.co/Oc2qtefz3p
The New York Times gave us a first look at their new outside ad campaign for “The Daily,” which hits L.A. this weekend ::

Today’s PACIFIC: Why Randall Stephenson isn’t worried about DOJ…

plus, Bob Iger’s Sun Valley power move; Richard Plepler vs. Netflix; first look at ‘The Daily’s new L.A. ad blitz; and a World Cup Preview …

#Break: AT&T’s Randall Stephenson tells me they were expecting DOJ decision and prepared for it. “The loser always has a right to an appeal.” Says Judge’s ruling was thorough and they’re not worried about it #SunValley
Just asked Bob Iger what he thinks about DOJ appealing AT&T - Time Warner and what it might mean for Disney-Fox...

Nada. He says he hasn’t really read about it and doesn’t have an opinion on it yet. #SunValley
Jeff Bezos is wearing shorts.
How Disneyfox hurts Netflix

• Disney would have majority ownership of 3 major direct-to-consumer platforms in US, Europe & India.

• Users worldwide would have to subscribe to Disney-owned platforms to access Disney, Marvel, Pixar & LucasFilm content.

What's an empire worth? The Disney-Comcast bidding war for Fox has seen the value of 21st Century Fox surge from $52.4 billion to $71.3 billion (a 36% increase) and the value of Sky surge from $23 billion to at least $34 billion (a 47% increase). https://t.co/4GVCeM0FJ9
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