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From Robbins, IL..I'm a father First and everything else after that...

Latest Scoops

Wait @Lindsay_13 is playing in the @WNBA and she’s the coach of her alumni @GopherWBB !?!?! Sheesh i gotta step my game up. Congrts on an unbelievable career and i cannot wait to watch you on the sidelines for many years to come.
@Simone_Biles is UnReal!
Those @DukeMBB boys tho 😷🤒🤕. I can’t wait to watch them play all season. My son will be watching @RjBarrett6 very closely all year.
Essence 2.0 PFW collection! @wayofwade lining.official https://t.co/9UrLiMWeT4
To the Bride&Groom👰🏽🤵🏾🥂!!! Mr&Mrs Dwyane Wade Sr! #wadewedinvenice @ Venice, Italy https://t.co/5yE8xEOoCz
dwyanewadesr I am proud of you! You know the “Wade boys” had to show up fresh for Pops wedding in Venice 🇮🇹! It was a picture perfect day celebrating forever love. #Wadewedinvenicehttps://t.co/bi5O1W2jZt
She’s a ⭐️ in her most important role. I wanna acknowledge my wife and the kids step mom for being everything that each boy and i have needed her to be. We couldn’t have wished for more… https://t.co/KVZn8UYVt7
You’re right @CJMcCollum ...my bad i shouldn’t have posted that video against my fellow lining.official athlete. Here’s a better one. Thanks to @dwyanewadeedits for always putting these… https://t.co/QEJC1t8cJ2
The game hasn’t changed. The opportunities has. https://t.co/f6Cu6NkekJ
This look looks all to familiar 😂😍 My #WCW is my wife. Mrs Gabrielle Union-Wade! @ Wade County https://t.co/3dNu8jY43W
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