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From Robbins, IL..I'm a father First and everything else after that...

Latest Scoops

Keep working No.2️⃣ and all your dreams will come true. I got you! zmane2 thepatientchase #TheWades @ Memphis, Tennessee https://t.co/2W3LwdOUTG
What. A. Night. Games and atmospheres like last night is what I’ll miss most about playing this game. Thank you to the @Lakers organization for that amazing tribute video! What better… https://t.co/k7IfVTxhC1
Man how lucky am i!? These are my brothers!!! ud40 and @KingJames thank you both for making me a better player, person, leader and man! I love you both like a fat kid loves… https://t.co/oDWKJjArCy
Robbins IL. Akron OH. One Last Time. #onelastdance #brotherhood @ Staples Center https://t.co/3ImJ8sYipR
kaaviajames parents! 🥂 to my 1000th NBA game last night and a Great great team win. #onelastdance #TheWades @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/ovH9lIOavv
Good Morning from my 👶🏾kaaviajames and I!!! Role reversal i wouldn’t her sleep in... @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/Hziz5LDMwV
Working Mother! kaaviajames is cared for and loved on by her mother in between takes. She’s gonna grow up understanding and knowing that her mother is a career woman who still made sure… https://t.co/rTuZDXhvJb
Agreed!!! Th photographer who captured this shot is the 🐐!
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