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I love sports. How cool of @KStateFB  to come over and show respect to the @NavyFB  squad as they sing their fight song after they just lost them. This is good stuff. #Respect  ?? well done fellas.

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@WhoopiGoldberg  and climate activist org @ExtinctionR  have released a new animation short film that looks back from 2050 to show how people came together to save humanity from the climate crisis Learn more:

Florida officer put on leave after kneeling on black man's neck during arrest

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Protesters in New Zealand performed the haka dance outside the U.S. consulate in Auckland in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Floyd.

Good on @Yamiche , who kept asking Trump on his plan to address systemic police violence as he was tying to sign his PPP legislation. Trump says "you are something. Thank you very much," as Pence and others begin clapping loudly.

Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine 'does not save lives' from coronavirus, trial finds

@SteveSchmidtSES  on AG Barr: "This idea that the AG of the U.S. has suddenly become an interior minister, in a thugocracy, with a private militia of some type that reports to him, is antithetical to every precept of American democracy."

'YOU HAVE FAILED US.' Ben&Ben's Paolo Guico expressed his dismay on social media over the failure of the Department of Health's leadership in addressing the pandemic.

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When a reporter notes that unemployment among African Americans actually went up slightly, not down, Trump dismisses that with a wave. "You are something," he says without addressing the point.

A drone photo captured the protesters’ take on social distancing during the groups’ mobilization at the University of the Philippines Diliman campus on the June 4.