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3 weeks ago I wrote to Matt Hancock urging him to #listentoGPs  about the myriad non-Covid harms that we see day in day out that worry many of us. I received a reply so disheartening & demoralising - a sign of what he thinks of #NHS  primary care. To be published tomorrow

“And for as long as they don’t have a voice, they shall have mine”. I stand with @MarcusRashford 

Let this sink in * 1 in 6 * These kids’ lives are being thwarted by blunt instruments of #lockdown  rather than a valuable, targeted approach. Survey conducted in July 2020 shows one in six children having a probable mental disorder - NHS Digital

#Covid_19 symptoms are clear I myself have been part of @DHSCgovuk  campaigns to promote this messaging. Why, most days in clinic, does a patient tell me they have one of the cardinal symptoms eg cough but then say “It’s not covid”? I don’t understand @PHE_uk  @CMO_England 

Looking forward to talking to @PhilWilliams  now on @TimesRadio  about #TestandTrace  📻

Today in the UK a child was unable to go their parent’s funeral service because they were told to isolate for a #COVID19  contact. I can no longer understand the world in which I live.

Are doctors allowed to talk about another way? Death 🆚 death “The result of a crippled economy is that thousands of us – now and in the future – will be condemned to a shorter, more miserable existence” Between herd immunity and lockdown -

A former government advisor who broke his own lockdown rules & whose predictions of #Ebola  and #footandmouth  were wildly inaccurate and dangerous. Why is he given a platform? Covid-19: former adviser warns


Letter sent today to Secretary of State for Health and Social Care @MattHancockMP  from 66 GPs urging him to consider non-Covid harms in the response to the pandemic

I'm sad to say that at my NHS practice if we have a patient who has unexplained symptoms, we have started asking if they can afford to eat

Heading to work to 1st day of new system in #GP  surgery. Let’s #keeptheschoolsopen  until the right EXPERT-LED time, so essential health services staffed by working parents can open. If you are tweeting #closetheschoolsuknow  - U obviously don’t care about #NHS  working parents

When I say "vaccinations save lives" and you tweet back at me with some guff, here, this is for you

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Quote from someone in isolation with kids, after one day “We’re all going a bit mad inside” But people want the schools closed for two months... Prolonged isolation won’t work now because we won’t be able to sustain it. Which is why we SAVE IT FOR THE PEAK.

Thinking of all those people with terminal diagnoses who are not facing 6 months of #COVID19  restrictions but restrictions for the rest of their life. That pain will never be measured or reflected on a chart or data set of official figures. That pain matters.

Why aren’t we SHOUTING about this! Everyone shouts enough when the #NHS  gets it wrong each winter. Come on!!! Hospitals 'coping better with winter'