Dr. Robert Klapper

Dr. Robert Klapper

Orthopedic Surgeon,ESPN Radio Host WEEKEND WARRIOR show,FOX Sports 1 TV Analyst,Marble Sculptor,Surfer,Author,Patented Inventor of Ultrasonic OrthoSurgery Tools

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#Lakers. Key to #AnthonyDavis  injury is Right side Ribs AND Right side Shoulder! Fortunately Rib Xrays are Negative! #MVP 

#THUMB . The reaso #DrewBrees  #CP3  #MikeTrout / needed Surgery for their Ligament Injuries is because they were Grade 3! The length of the Ligament was disrupted!

#Lakers . The Reason a Grade 1 Ligament Sprain Will Heal without Surgery is Because the Length of the Ligament has NOT changed. The Tube of the Ligament is intact and internal bleeding AND Healing can Occur!

#Lakers. Tell #Kobe  about “LoadManagement” When he shot 2 FreeThrows on A COMPLETELY Torn Achilles!

#Lakers. When will Pelinka get us #Iguodala ????? We Need him now!


#Nurkic . The Body’s response to a Fracture is to Heal the Break with extra Bone called Callus. His Tibia will be STRONGER than before Once it Heals#PaulGeorge #MVP

PAUL GEORGE. No ligament tendon nerve or joint damage! Just broken bone and skin. He will return 100% the player he was!

#Nurkic. His Fracture will Heal and like PaulGeorge He will be Back!!

KOBE. Expect Him to Return At An Elite Leve #Mamba 

PAUL GEORGE. I expect to see him leaving the Hospital on Monday standing upright with crutches! One year from now dribbling a basketball!

#Lakers. Great News! #AnthonyDavis  has Grade 1 Injury to Thumb! This means there is Pain BUT No Laxity to Ligament! MRI tomorrow to Confirm!

PAUL GEORGE. Anderson Silva back at 100%. This Tibia will be STRONGER after bone heals!!

PAUL GEORGE. His Fracture has HEALED! Return to play is now awaiting Strength to muscles around knee and Ankle! Mid March is realistic

#CARR. When No ligament damage a Fibula Fracture sees more stability and faster healing than when ligaments are torn #DONT  COUNT HIM OUT!