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“Do you have any concern about the fact that if you just get outside, and enjoy life, and perpetuate the spread of this virus, you put more older people at risk?” Dr. Phil asks Ava. #DrPhil 

Dr. Phil says that he is frustrated over the politicization of the outbreak. #DrPhil 

Journalist Jonathan Betz says he recently spent two weeks confined in his apartment in compliance with the Chinese government's measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak. #DrPhil 

“I’m hoping that the federal government - state government - will provide some kind of relief for people in this situation such as myself,” Sarita says. #DrPhil 

Hey everyone, I'll be going live again on Facebook and Instagram every day this week at 11am PT to answers questions and offer tips on thriving in isolation, coping with Covidiots, and more. Join me then.

The stunt gained her viral fame on TikTok and the attention of national news. #DrPhil 

The young woman admits she partied with a bunch of people on spring break with little care about the coronavirus outbreak. #DrPhil 

Hear the Los Angeles County Sheriff's concerns about people who wouldn’t normally have a firearm suddenly bringing one into their homes. #DrPhil 

According to a cybersecurity company report, the rise in this kind of illegal conduct has come in the form of email phishing campaigns, fraudulent goods, and disinformation campaigns. #DrPhil