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Now We Are Supposed To Open Our Borders To All Invaders

Because Leftists Produced A Tape Of Children Crying

How About A Tape Of Parents Whose Children Were MURDERED BY ILLEGALS Crying⁉️

"The American Left Is Quite Comfortable With Corruption Because They Deeply Despise The American System" #Hannity @newtgingrich

The American People Are Fed Up With Two Sets Of Rules:

One Set For Obama, Hillary And The #HillaryFanClub

Another Set For The Rest Of Us
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#PresidentTrump Has A Message For The Democrat MOB

#America Will NOT Be A Migrant Camp Or Refugee Holding Facility


If Democrats Want To Solve The Problem STOP Obstructing

They Will NOT

Democrats Do NOT Want To Fix Problems

Democrats Want To Fix The Blame
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Cruel And Immoral Would Be Releasing Children To Traffickers. That Is What Obama Did And You Were SILENT

You Attack #PresidentTrump Who Is Protecting The Children From Traffickers Because He Does Not Share Your Globalist Agenda:
ATTN: #Trump Haters Claiming Children Are Put In Concentration Camps

My Parents Survived #Auschwitz

The Rest Of The Family Was Murdered

What Is The Body Count In The Concentration Camp‼️

▶️Where Children Get Meals, Education & Protection From Traffickers
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Obama Also Separated Illegal Children From Their Illegal Parents

EXCEPT That Obama Actually Did Keep The Children In CAGES

The Usual Suspects Attacking #PresidentTrump For "Separating Children," Were SILENT

When @real_jamielshaw Was Separated From His Son PERMANENTLY When He Was MURDERED By An ILLEGAL

Because They Do Not Care About "The Children"

They Use
"The Children" To Expand Their Power
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Speaking As A Trump Supporter
Once You Understand This Everything Make Sense:

#Ryan #McConnell & The GOP Swamp WANT TO LOSE

To Help Democrats Impeach YOU

D@realDonaldTrumpo Not Sign Their Amnesty Bill And

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Like A Good Little Swamp Snake #PaulRyan Recites The "Separating Children"
Talking Point

Because He Is Addicted To Koch And His Other Big Donors Who Want Cheap Labor

#RemoveRyan #BuildingTheWall
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#PaulRyan And The GOP Establishment Pushing Their Massive #Amnesty Bill Because Their Puppet Masters Want It BUT

They Will NOT Repeal #Obamacare Because Their Puppet Masters Want It

▶️To Unload Their Health Care Expenses On The Taxpayers

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