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RT @PerspicaciousXY: Hey Mike,
Your WIFE said you threatened her again, saying you would “burn” all their fortune in the divorce .. BUT MOS…https://t.co/j082hD9Kfv
#BrettKavanuagh Says He Was A Virgin In High School.

As We Speak, Soros Funded Resistance Lawyers Are Extracting Repressed Memories

From Women Who Will Swear They Had Sex With #Kavanaugh

"I Have NEVER Sexually Assaulted ANYONE."

How Many Swamp Snakes In Congress Can Honestly
Say This⁉️

Which Sexual Predators PAID OFF Victims With The Taxpayer Funded #ShushFund⁉️

Reveal The Names And #EndTheShushFund

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ATTN: Democrat MOB

If You Thought You
Could Intimidate #BrettKavanaugh

He Has A Message For YOU:

"I'm NOT Going To Let False Accusations Drive Us Out Of This Process."

"I'm NOT Going Anywhere"

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Nobody Wants To Live In The World Democrats Are Creating - That Is Why They Must Erect Walls

TO KEEP PEOPLE IN @steph93065
You CANNOT Allow The Democrat MOB To Establish A Precedent

Where Uncorroborated Allegations After Repressed Memory Therapy Administered By Resistance Lawyers

Is All That Is Necessary To Take Down An Opponent #ConfirmKavanaughNow
ATTN: @ChuckGrassley

You Do NOT Treat This "Respectfully"

You Call It DEFAMATION And Schedule The Vote

Ronan Farrow:

▶️ Could Not Confirm #Kavanaugh Was At The Party

▶️ 5 Yale Classmates Say They Never Saw This Or Heard Of The Party https://t.co/TfMHKQpkX8
We CANNOT Allow LAWLESS Democrats To Establish A Precedent Where An Uncorroborated Allegation Is Sufficient To Take Down An Opponent:

White House Releases Late Night Push Back New Yorker Hit On #Kavanaugh

#ConfirmKavanaughNow https://t.co/6ieF1t70EO
ATTN: @ChuckGrassley

More Accusers Is The Totally Predictable Democrat MOB Plan To Derail #Kavanaugh

Tell Them We Will Not Delay For 35 Year Old
Unfounded Allegations

Nothing You Do Will STOP The MOB From Calling You Old "White Men Who Bully Women"

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Totally Predictable:

All Part Of The Plan To Delay And Derail #Kavanaugh

Another Woman With 35 Year Old Uncorroborated Allegations Demanding An FBI Investigation


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