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Why Won't Rosenstein Shut Down The #Mueller #WitchHunt⁉️

Because He & The #Comey
Are Co Con#HillaryFanClubspirators In

They Mus#UraniumOnet Take Out To Continue#Trump The Cover Up

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Has A Body Count

How Many More People Must DIE Before We END The Diversity Visa Program And #ChainMigration⁉️

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The #FBI AND The
Hillary Campaign Were Working Together To Get #PresidentTrump

They Had An
"Insurance Policy,"
In Case #Trump Won

The Was Turned Into A KGB Operation By Obama

We Need To Shut Down The

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Fell Apart So Like #TheWalkingDead

The #Democrat Zombies Have Moved On To
Sexual Harassment

It Did NOT Work Before The Election And It Will NOT Work Now

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This Is Why We Must Fight #McConnell & The Swa#GOPmp

They Will Take Out A REAL Wit#Conservativeh Unproven Allegations

And Elect A Radical Who Would Kill A Baby Up To The Moment Of Birth

To BLOCK The Ag#Trumpenda
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This Is Exactly What You Expect From An Investigation By The #HillaryFanCub

DEVELOPING=> Text Messages Between Peter Strzok and Mistress Lisa Page Emerge

Trump Should Go F Himself

Mission Accomplished #MitchMcConnell

Your Character Assassination Of #JudgeRoyMoore Worked

Your #OpenBorders
Pro #SanctuaryCities Candidate Won

You Now Have The Excuse You Need To Continue To Block The #Trump Agenda

The #Trump Policy To End Chain Migration Would Have Prevented The #NYCTerrorAttack

#ChainMigration Imports Government Dependent #Democrat Voters

END Chain Migration
START Chain Deportation
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Has A Body Count

#Deblasio Ended The Mosque Surveillance Program

2ND Attack In 6 Weeks

Because #American Lives Are Acceptable Collateral Damage On The Way To #Marxist Utopia

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