Showing how these QUEEN AND THE QUEEN coins are attractively packaged ! Bri

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Local Enterprise Week is designed to ensure participants come away with practical tips to boost their chances of business success, through a packed programme of seminars, workshops and masterclasses

Coronavirus outbreak: WHO raises risk warning to ‘very high’

My report from #Afghanistan , as US to sign withdrawal agreement today with Taliban: Inside the Taliban: What these jihadis say about long-sought peace via @csmonitor 

Due to CDC restrictions on testing, the patient was not tested until four days after her admission to a university medical center in California.

Soft sun rays illuminate the mountains and water lake reflection #photography  #art  art photography fotografia

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For centuries, attempts to sync calendars with the length of the natural year have sowed chaos—until the concept of leap year provided a way to make up for lost time.

If we planted 1.2 trillion trees we'd cancel out a decade's worth of CO2 emissions by the time the forests mature 🌲

Starship SN1 was filled with LN2 for a cryo proof test on Friday evening at Boca Chica, before failing. Videos and Photos from Mary @BocaChicaGal ) for NSF. Edited by Jack Beyer @thejackbeyer )

Tonight’s playground. Last night of tour. So far the Gods are smiling ! Bri