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@mikeskara0  We asked for the opinions of over 9,000 women, female-identifying and non-binary individuals across the UK, USA, Canada, France, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, India, and Russia. Our findings were sourced from all of the people we spoke to.

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Canada / South Africa / Brazil / Argentina / China / Japan / India / Russia

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When it comes to body hair, here is how a new generation of women is embracing freedom of choice.

"At least Hulu has a ton of other shows starring women of color we can watch. Oh wait.”

There's plenty of similarly moody/Irish/irrepressibly sexual fare to keep you entertained once you've finished catching up on all things Marianne and Connell

From @haileybaldwin ’s must-have pick t @khloekardashian  ’s foolproof formula, here is our guide to the best mascaras—period.

This is the third time the industry has voluntarily suspended cruise ship operations since the rise of COVID-19 outbreaks in the U.S. in March.

This new site is like 2006 romp The Holiday, but for... windows.

"It’s funny because I don’t even think of myself as a role model," @Naomi_Osaka_  told . "I’m 22 and figuring out life and trying to grow.”

"I haven't gotten into the bread-baking trends everyone seems to have jumped onto. And I think I've realized I'm a terrible cook, so I've taken a step back from that."

Featuring dewy skin, glamorous makeup, and inspiring movement.