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International-Affairs Columnist, The Globe and Mail -- Canada's National Newspaper -- author of Arrival City ( http://arrivalcity.net ) & http://muslimtide.com

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Hey everyone I arrived in Alberta just in time for the politicians to have a fight over who kills the most birds
This, not "totally destroy," was the truly frightening part of Trump's UN speech, I write https://t.co/JBlp7MJTEM
The war threats were actually the least of the horrors in Trump's UNSC speech https://t.co/zm2ksu9YTj
Anyone got a Trump UNGA transcript?
Brazil speaking first at the UNGA means Trump won't be the only democratically questionable leader under criminal investigation this morning
How sudden adoption of Facebook caused millions of Burmese to get inured to Buddhist extremism & anti-minority views https://t.co/tb3pTOGeFs
Here's the opening paragraph of MAXIMUM CANADA. This ain't some dessicated policy tome, folks
MAXIMUM CANADA is on sale today. The untold story of why this country got so small https://t.co/DrbAqt3I60
Good to see some strategic planning emerging from the West Wing
Got a new blurb for my book
Wait a second -- gas lines in North Korea? There's no war that could be possible. Aside from a bunch of 1974 Volvos, cars are very rare
@GHills6 @DavidSuzuki I'm on the same page as @DavidSuzuki re sustainability. Canada's ecological inefficiency is rooted in low population density and sprawl
My main takeaway from the FT Ivana interview is she'd rather take 25 vacations a year than exercise any principles https://t.co/2tN1d9SjnT
(That's next weekend, Sept 23, in Oakville Ontario if you're around)
This nice history of Canadian food shows my co-ethnics, despite their number, have had a largely malign influence https://t.co/vbKalvx0qe
To celebrate @coreymintz's tweets on movie-theatre nacho history, a sneak preview of the orange-cheese-history content of MAXIMUM CANADA:
@coreymintz And processed cheese was created by a Canadian who couldn't make it work in our crappy economy so it became "American " cheese. NAFTA-athon
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