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In a campaign call @realDonald Trump says VP Biden "should be in jail" and his family is "a criminal enterprise." If I was Biden I would refuse to debate Trump. Let the voters decide.

$SPY and $QQQ now about -$6/share (each) lower than the morning highs.

I think what I will do is stay off twitter for a few days and let "Jack" spew his BS. It will be up to my followers to report, block and vanquish him so the good fish can be communicated without his influence. I will be on @TSTRealMoney  as usual during the trading hours.

The Dude, Jeff Bridges, has cancer. “I can’t be worrying about that sh*t. Life goes on, man.” I sure hope he makes the finals.

is +14% per year. For Obama's last 4 years it was +14% annualized; all 8 years, also +14%. Clinton was +17%. Reagan was +13%. When it comes to markets, presidents don't matter. Markets just go up. @jimcramer  @tomkeene  @business  @ScottWapnerCNBC  @RiskReversal  @terranovajoe 

"Pleased To Tweet You" Rolling Stones’ classic, 'Sympathy for the Devil,' rewritten and re-performed by legendary LA post punk band, Girl Problems (Grammy winner Charles Goodan and figurative painter Nick Weber) from the point of view of the current



Only seven years ago Exxon was the world's largest company. Today it was kicked out of the DJIA. @realmoney  @tomkeene  @jimcramer 

Yesterday said our economy is the greatest in history. Today he wants the Fed to stop raising interest rates. Boy are we doomed.

Tuesday, The Lincoln Project released a devastating ad entitled, “Whispers.” In the ad, the narrator speaks to Trump directly, telling him that everyone in his inner circle is laughing at him behind his back and leaking stories to the press. Ouch!! Kudos to the Lincoln Group

Warren Buffett's message is not upbeat. Period. We are witnessing a classic example of a veteran recognizing that when risks are hard to quantify, it's best to err on the side of conservatism and not add to equities. Rather, saving money for a rainy day, is preferable.

@carlquintanilla @davidfaber  @jimcramerTSLA  sold their whole shelf Friday. I would assume they knew they weren’t going into the S&P. If they knew they were going into the S&P, they would have waited for the announcement (and extra demand). That is material non-public info.

Speaks volumes about the Republican party... Women in the House: 1989: Democrats: 16 Republicans: 13 2019 (30 years later): Democrats: 89 Republicans: 13 African-Americans in the House: 1933: Democrats: 1 Republicans: 1 2019 (86 years later): Democrats: 54 Republicans: 1

My guess is that there is an SEC investigation into insider trading at $KODK that could jeopardize the government contract it supposedly has gotten. @SquawkCNBC  @andrewrsorkin  @BeckyQuick  @tomkeene  @business  @CNBCFastMoney  @RiskReversal  @Convertbond  @Sarge986  @GuyAdami 

"Somehow we have survived 5,000 years without negative interest rates but these geniuses at Ivy Leagues have decided it is a wonderful idea." - Stanley Druckenmiller