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• Leonardo da Vinci wanna-be that reveres Frederick Douglass •

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I’m sure it’s just those 3 on the Wilmington PD who share these sentiments

US law enforcement (including the US military), has a white supremacy problem.

@Foxworth24 “I don’t want you to have my back ... I want you to have my check!” 😂😂😂

“If I was Jamal Adams I would text Gregg Williams and say, ‘I don’t want you to have my back, I want you to have my check.” — @Foxworth24 

@KingJosiah54  same concerns with NFL but only much worse. 90 players during training camp, and 65 during the season. we’re still in the 1st wave, add to that flu season in October ... good luck

when you get caught peeking in the backfield on the snap, then get badly beaten off the line, but still get in position on the upfield shoulder to make a play on the ball 😎

Three months into swimming in the open seas we now have enough data to say with a high degree of confidence that water is wet

when you’re up 28-3 in the Super Bowl with 2 mins remaining in the 3rd quarter

if you read nothing else today, read this speech by the inimitable Frederick Douglass. “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?”


this will forever be a lasting memory of Kobe and Gigi ❤️

Ahmaud Arbery was out jogging in Brunswick, Georgia, when two white men hunted him down and murdered him two months ago. they are walking around free and have not been charged. Ahmaud was only 25 years old. His family deserves justice for this hate crime

George W. Bush has about two or three more times to hand Michelle Obama a piece of candy before y’all completely forget about the Iraq invasion and the 2008 financial crisis altogether.

This is unfortunately true and needs to be exposed. Every HC/owner should be asked in postgame pressers tomorrow what *their team policy is.

Marshawn Lynch dropping jewels for NFL players in what could be his final presser as a player

ANY person seriously saying Lebron should have played through full leg cramps bc Jordan played with flu has NEVER been an athlete EVER....

so just to be clear, Hillary has been popping off on Bernie for years (including just last week), and y’all expect no one — not a single person in Bernie’s orbit to clap back? y’all want his supporters and surrogates to just sit there and continue to take it?