Donald Trump Jr.

So can suggest kidnapping and putting a child in a cage with pedophiles and won’t do anything! I guess that’s ok if you’re a liberal. If you’re a conservative you’d face real consequences. Great work . Let them know your thoughts?

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Ok this is hilarious. Also credit to the reporter who acknowledged I was joking. Normally they know I’m joking but run with it as though I’m serious. @real DonaldTrump . “Sounds like Don... had to be Don” #TigerKing  🤣🤣🤣

Trump’s position on mail-in ballots is not complicated: he thinks if more people will vote, he will lose

It is critical we sever ties with the WHO. Their infatuation with intellectually challenged leadership is toxic to their organization and the world. Going door-to-door and entering homes will not ensure one's longevity, not in America any way.

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The three qualities that gave Biden the edge over Sanders and everyone else

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