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EVP of Development & Acquisitions Trump Organization and Boardroom Advisor on the Apprentice.

Latest Scoops

Cool shot from last weekend of Donnie’s first bull shark. He really worked hard to get this 350… https://t.co/fUNGfKOrbf
Chloe getting after it @TrumpPalmBeach She’s going to be a great player one day... also as cute… https://t.co/jfodSXYIKs
Wow. This just keeps getting better and better.
.@Ricksaccone1 will help @realDonaldTrump continue to bring home wins for Pennsylvanians, but we can’t be happy & lazy from all of the winning. Polls close at 8pm. Get out & vote today! #SacconeforCongress #PA18https://t.co/j7EyqNhth4
Donald Trump Jr.: 'It’s important to elect Republicans who will work with the president' https://t.co/bbmq0m9Rqu
Putting on the war paint before my @foxandfriends interview this morning. It’s not easy to make… https://t.co/4XzVsdhmco
Liberal @PittsburghPG didn’t endorse @realDonaldTrump in 2016, but endorsed @Ricksaccone1 in today’s special election because they’ve seen the positive results of the Trump agenda. That says a lot. Let’s keep the #winning going... get out and vote today. #PA18 #MAGA
Headed over to @FoxNews to be on @foxandfriends with @kilmeade @ainsleyearhardt and @SteveDoocy. Should be fun. Tune in and let me know your thoughts.
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