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20yrs in mortgage trading at several big shops . Now a macro events equity oriented carry trader in high cash payout plays and when to get in/out .

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I have the best arb going in T&C .... the beach bar owners have no power so I charge their phones for a rum punch from out#r place
Here Are All The Politicians Who Rushed To Judgment On The Smollett ‘Hate Crime’ via @dailycaller
Ok ... this is a first ... tuna tatare served on a huge solid slab of pink Himalayan salt
It’s actually getting hotter as sun gets ready to set ....
Only gets better ..., guy runs a pop-up bar on beach just to right of our house who makes killer rum punches #SopadillaBay
TSA precheck line at JFK much longer than regular line . Great job JFK ....
Rosenstein & McCabe are completely guilty of an attempted coup in USA . Dirtbag Mueller who they both oversaw is their backup weapon . @TheDemocrats = political Ebola virus
The explosive assertion that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein considered secretly recording President Donald Trump has been backed up in private testimony to Congress by two FBI lawyers. ( = treason = lifetime jail = actual attempted coup by scumbag @TheJusticeDept @FBI )

The Most Relevant

DREAMers Walk Into DNC, Block Doors, Call Democrats ‘Fake Allies’

DREAMers all saw Trump offer a deal for them & watched turn it down because Democrats demand no Wall because they need more voters so DREAMers are screwed
The new Italian Minister of Constitutional Reforms Elena Boschi signs in ( love Italian politics)
but boy wonder @BarackObama just finished laughing at Trump and said zero facts to support rigged elections !!
Trump's plan for government ethics reform

meanwhile @HillaryClinton caught stealing furniture from State Dept
Crony capitalism at its best and why Trump is correct the elections in USA are now banana republic style
American journalism is collapsing before our eyes $NYT @CBS @NBC @ABC @CNN all but admitting they work for @DNC
@virginianpilot @JackPosobieche'd be cleaning out his office if Republican

be rest assured in a week , when Pelosi gets asked about him , she'll claim she is unaware of anything
In their haste to attack Trump, the USA media is finally abandoning all pretense of being ' neutral' . #OutOfCloset
holy crap

@CNBC guy blaming sell off on negative people on Twitter
Former Obama Official: Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats To Influence Policy

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