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Kamala Harris wants society to pay reparations because of the harm slaveowners & slavery caused to the mental health of blacks. Why doesn’t SHE pay given that her paternal ancestor Hamilton Brown was one of the worst offenders, terrorizing 200+ blacks on his five plantations?

By your logic, how is slavery relevant since it ended in 1865?

I feel this is a full and adequate rebuttal to everything I say on this clip. Tell everyone at the asylum how clever you are

Chicago, like a lot of Democratic cities, is in mayhem. Mayor Lightfoot decides to go full Beetlejuice in “explaining” what’s going on.

Who appointed you to speak for brown people? We each speak for ourselves


Kamala Harris’s mom is Asian Indian. Her dad Donald Harris is by his own account descended from one of the largest slave planters in Jamaica. In what sense then can she claim the African American experience of being descended from slaves and subject to segregation and Jim Crow?

Republicans—even Trump Republicans—are a little scared to put the handcuffs on Obama. This hasn’t happened to a president before. But which previous president conspired to frame and entrap his successor? Handcuffs, I say! And let the chips fall where they may @realDonaldTrump 

I was locked up overnight for 8 months on a felony charge for giving $20 K to a friend running for Senate. Bloomberg boasts about spending tens of millions to buy—he said it!—Democratic control of the House. What does the term “equal justice under the law” mean in this context?

Did Minnesota AG Keith Ellison deliberately withhold the #GeorgeFloyd  video footage to keep the violent protests going for as long as possible? Please tell me there is some limit to the moral depravity of these Democrats

Obama. It has to be Obama. He’s the guy who must end up in handcuffs. He gave the order. Why else would these Deep State thugs from Comey on down do what they did? Let’s face up to the implications of what’s going on and do what’s necessary to restore justice @realDonaldTrump 

When there is pressure to conform—to declare that we are worms—there is one person in 10 who is brave enough to say, “I am not a worm. I will not kneel. I will not fly the swastika flag.” In all times and places, that person is the hope of the future

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Democrats were so humiliated that they actually had to leave the room!

I just found a KKK hood in my bedroom. Wait! That’s a pillowcase #BubbaWallace