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It's not getting better. The Venezuelan people are losing hope. Why? Because of socialism. Watch the entire interview with @JoeTalkShow  here: @Debber66 

GIVE ME A BREAK: President@realDonaldTrump  isn't a racist for going on the offensive against his opponents. The president attacks ALL of his political enemies with the same glee, regardless of their race. @ShannonBream  @foxnewsnight 

A Holocaust denier is denying something that already happened. What about a climate change denier? That’s someone who refuses to believe in a future apocalyptic scenario that has consistently been predicted yet never come to pass. In short, an intellectual skeptic!

The benefit of declaring Antifa a terrorist organization is that @realDonaldTrump  can unleash the full force of the law—from surveillance to RICO prosecutions to the prospect of Gitmo—on these brownshirts. This will be the worst news for fascism since the Normandy landing

SO MUCH WINNING: Desperation has set in, and Democrats are frantically trying to find new targets they can successfully bully into submission. @IngrahamAngle 


I’m trying to keep the @IlhanMN  story straight. She marrried her brother to evade immigration laws? Then she divorced him and illicitly filed joint tax returns with another guy years before they were married? I was prosecuted for doing far less; why hasn’t she been indicted yet?

From what we know: 1. Epstein was taken off suicide watch 2. His cell mate was moved the day before 3. Both guards fell asleep 4. The camera malfunctioned. This scenario is, literally, unbelievable. Therefore I do not believe it. Something else happened here

I don’t think #JussieSmollett  got black privilege. He got the same privilege that Jeffrey Epstein got, and Clapper, and the Clintons. It’s progressive privilege. It has to stop!

Taking on the Obama-Clinton gang is a health hazard. When I was in federal confinement for eight months, I was more afraid of something like this—drugs “found” in my locker, an “apparent” suicide—than I was of the murderers, rapists & gang members who were my fellow inmates

After the first shooting in El Paso one could smell the excitement among the media Left. Finally we got Trump! Now it seems the second shooter in Dayton is a socialist who supports Antifa & Elizabeth Warren. This guy has totally ruined their ideological narrative!

This kid is well dressed, with pizza & a soft drink. There are tens of millions of kids in places like Mumbai who have none of this. It was to put her chances ahead of theirs that her parents broke the law. So I feel sorry for what this kid’s parents did to her

Dead silence from and other socialists about Venezuela. What! No lectures about how they need to start recycling? No praise for the gun confiscation policy of the Maduro regime? No calls to crush the bourgeois counterrevolutionaries in the street?

What #JussieSmollett  did was far worse than what I did. Yet he walks without so much as a misdemeanor! Can anyone doubt there is a two tiered system of justice in this country?