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Dinesh D'Souza

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If this comes out right and Trump wins the day, what happens to Biden? How will he cope? My compassionate solution is to put him in an asylum, instal an Oval Office desk, and hire actors to attend meetings and pretend to carry out his orders. Heck, he won’t know the difference!

Having refused to cover the biggest scandal of the election—Biden family corruption—the media now refuses to cover what might become the biggest scandal in US history—a stolen presidential race! #FakeNewsMedia 

Two facts stand out in the House races. 1. Not a single GOP incumbent lost. 2. There were 27 “tossup” races, and Republicans won them all. The obvious inference is these were Trump’s coattails. Trump won big and boosted Republicans down the ticket

A message to GOP state legislatures: You should have no qualms about using your full powers under the Constitution. You can name your own electors, so do it. Since Democrats are willing to win by any means necessary, you should also be willing to win in the same manner

Seems to me Trump needs a two-front strategy: 1. Get the voter fraud cases appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court 2. Present persuasive fraud evidence to GOP legislatures in the swing states so they can take control and pick their own electors #Election2020results 

We live in a peculiar era in which most of what’s on the news isn’t news at all, and most of the news isn’t covered at all. We’re largely on our own in figuring out what’s happening in the world #FakeNewsMedia 

@JamesOKeefeIII  should welcome a lawsuit from CNN. His discovery alone should unearth a mountain of ideological dirt. When the process is over AT&T will probably be willing to unload the network for a dollar or two. I don’t think I’d be overpaying if I bought it at that price

I had a great talk with @trish_regan  on her #AmericanConsequences  podcast about the mainstream media's bias against conservative thought & the left's inability to listen to others & think critically. Take a listen:


Joe Biden has multiple homes, access to private planes, domestic staff. Now we know how he managed to afford all that after 40 years on a government salary! #CrookedJoeBiden 

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: My new film “Trump Card” will be available on demand October 9. Also on DVD. This way every American can see it. Here’s the official trailer. Enjoy and please share! @realDonaldTrump 

What is the statistical probability that out of 100,000+ votes counted after hours, all of them go to one candidate? #Election2020 

Remember that man who sucker punched a Trump supporter in DC and knocked him out? Turns out, he's a registered child sex offender.

It’s basically Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and a few others versus a massive swarm on the other side. This is like the movie “300.” A few Spartans in a narrow pass against tens of thousands of caterwauling Persians. My money is on the Spartans #Election2020results