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This is the world's fastest fire hose roller.

The Australian state of New South Wales is cracking down on people who use their smartphones while driving.

@ElonMusk  announced Berlin to be the home of @Tesla ’s latest Gigafactory.

China is fighting fires with missiles...

This Skysphere is a solar-powered 33ft tall house.

Use Wheels’ new helmets and the bikesharing startup will discount your ride

These chairs autonomously push themselves back into the table!

This is how construction is done in-water.

SF’s curb on tech tests in public spaces could scupper pogo-stick plan

Waze just added a new feature designed to make winter drives easier


This spoon stays level no matter how you move it!

@elonmusk  and @Tesla  just released their fully autonomous driving feature!

LG used in its Live Idol 5G demo to show 5G's potential and the Dual Screen c #LGV50ThinQse . #MWC2019 

Internet from Space is on its way, thanks to @ElonMusk  and @SpaceX .

Lilium’s new VTOL jet puts you a step closer to flying to work, Jetsons-style!

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This man is controlling his prosthetics with his minds.