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Latest Scoops

Week ahead: Brexit talks set to dominate https://t.co/hUVLyJ1kkf
US close: Wall Street finishes off lows going into holiday-shortened week https://t.co/fEb2Fzx4yY
Sunday share tips: Kingfisher, Glencore, Associated British Foods https://t.co/gHSWSzXbYr
Sunday newspaper round-up: HS2, FirstGroup, Babcock, Astra, Easyjet, Stobart https://t.co/1RgsNouD7t
Bonds: Gilts and US Treasuries diverge, odds of December Fed hike slip https://t.co/B2jYTVFwsi
Commodities: Natural gas bounces, Bitcoin continues to drift lower https://t.co/5cZiZVB4m8
'I think we'll have a deal (with China),' Trump says https://t.co/wouufMKP1C
US interest rates closer to 'neutral', Fed's Clarida says https://t.co/v1kk58rnDL
Europe close: More dovish ECB helps offset political uncertainty https://t.co/QUum0tSyst
London close: Investors in defensive crouch ahead of possible leadership challenge https://t.co/fdTwZjrCcN
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