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And should that 8th ref ever miss a head shot call....... oh boy.

Ever hear the phrase “you had one job” — this ref actually only has one job in the playoffs and Grey Cup. #CFL
I understand the 8th referee move in the head shot debate... but doesn’t video review on these things still provide the best avenue to make a call? What if 8th ref’s view is obstructed like ref who missed Bridge hit? #CFL
Here is the full CFL statement regarding adding an 8th ref for playoff games this weekend and Grey Cup to watch for hits to the head on QBs. This comes days after missed head shot on Brandon Bridge. @cbcsports
“The eighth official will have no other responsibilities and cannot suggest or call a penalty for other infractions. The role of the eighth official will be filled by someone who has experience as a head referee.”
“the eighth official sees a blow to the head or neck of the quarterback that has not already been flagged, they will advise the Head Referee, who can then assess a penalty for roughing the passer.”
“The decision to act was made after the issue of quarterback safety was discussed this week with the nine CFL member clubs and this particular proposal was presented yesterday to the four clubs still in contention for Canadian professional football’s ultimate prize, the Grey Cup”

CFL is adding an 8th official “whose only responsibility is to watch for any blows delivered to the head or neck of a quarterback, one of the most vulnerable players on the field, will be added for Eastern and Western Finals and the 106th Grey Cup” @cbcsports
Just thinking...

Was yesterday’s plebiscite vote in Calgary really about the Olympics — or a critique on the different levels/leaders of politics ‘round here?

Like, testing the political waters... in an elaborate way.

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