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Well everyone. It’s come to this. The first cluttered house of the season. And you know darn well how my mom feels about a messy house. #cbccurl
Good evening from the Guelph Curling Club. Packed house across eight sheets at the @SlamSeries — looking forward to connecting with the curlers tonight and share some stories. #cbccurl
On the road again... and wouldn’t want to be spending my Friday night anywhere else. I’ll be at the Guelph Curling Club talking all things curling and social media. #cbccutl
Pretty sure Duron Carter just rode his bike past me in Toronto wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. I’ll be at tomorrow night’s Argos vs Riders game and will try and get confirmation.
Back in Toronto where it’s annoyingly hot and humid still. Summer, it’s time to go away. My sweaters and scarfs don’t appreciate this.
Wheels up!

So long Ottawa. Always great to be in our Nation’s Capital especially when it involves celebrations Canadian athletes. See you soon Toronto.
Last night at the Canadian Sport Awards I told Humboldt Broncos Ryan Straschnitzki I’ll see him at the 2022 Paralympics when he’s playing for Canada’s @HC_Sledge team. He assured me he’ll be there.

Honoured to have met you, Ryan. #HumboldtStrong

Flying back to Toronto and then heading to Guelph to talk to some of Canada’s next great curlers. We’ll be getting into the social media curling game as a part of the Junior @SlamSeries RockTalks: https://t.co/Jm4NLZitKp
The 41st Canadian Sport Awards in Ottawa last night was an outstanding showcase of Canada’s sporting heroes. What an honour it was to be alongside the athletes and my @cbcsports colleagues.

Here’s a list of all the winners: https://t.co/juTixa7nyx
Signing off from the 2018 Canadian Sport Awards with a few of my favourite @cbcsports colleagues: @TaCaGo @CBCScottRussell @perditafelicien @ansonhenry and Paul MacDougall. #CDNSportAwards
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