U.S. Dept of Defense

This #PresidentsDay  we honor those who shaped us into the mightiest nation in the world. US#KnowYourMil 

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A country is not “systemically racist” when *millions* of their people died fighting to end *literal* slavery and white supremacy. Silence, you liars. It’s D-Day. America is good.

'Not true and not illegal': Twitter CEO @Jack  denies @realDonaldTrump  claims about removed campaign video

On the 76th anniversary of D-Day, we honor the incredible sacrifices made on the beaches of Normandy.

‘Defected to the resistance’: Pat Buchanan excoriates ‘liberal mush’ from Mattis

Pompeo blasts China: "Callous attempts to exploit George Floyd's death"

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Amy, screaming “nuh uh!” is not refutation, even if it impressed Mother Jones. Maybe address the FACTS I discussed: On 1/4/17 FBI decided to close the case against Gen Flynn bc there was “no evidence.” On 1/5 Comey met w/ Obama & Biden to target Flynn. Biden unmasked Flynn.

DNC council offers glimpse of how @JoeBiden  could move further left on climate

Today we remember the service and sacrifice of those brave few who landed across Europe on this day 76 years ago. The eyes of the world were upon them, and the our nation still remembers their sacrifice. We can never fully express our gratitude. #DDay 

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With almost 2.4 lakh #Coronavirus  cases, India is now the 6th most affected country in the world #DIU  #COVID19