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Do you know about the presidents who served in the U.S. military?
Find out here:

#PresidentsDay #KnowYourMil
#PresidentsDay was initially created to honor the birthday of George Washington, but since then, it’s become a day to honor all U.S. presidents. Check out today to learn more about the holiday.
No matter the time of day, or how long the trip, @usairforce KC-135 Stratotankers keep the mission going.

Learn about the KC-135 here:
Soldier rocks the House of Blues! 🎶🎶
@USArmy Sgt. Chris Munson’s love for country music landed him on a big stage with bright lights at the Carolina Country Music Awards show at the @HOBMB in Myrtle Beach, S.C. #KnowYourMil
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#ICYMI : Sailors from#USSFarragut toured@DISupdates & spent some time with a few@NASCAR drivers. 👀 for sailors from#USSTheSullivans at the#Daytona500 🏆🏁 tomorrow!#KnowYourMil #TroopsToTheTrack
ICYMI: @USNavy performed the first all-female flyover at the funeral of Capt. Rosemary Mariner, the first female tactical jet pilot in the U.S. military. Read more about her legacy and the example she set for future women in combat. ➡️
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Training complete and lessons learned, it’s time for soldiers from the @1BCT1CD to head home after supporting operation #AtlanticResolve in Europe.
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Fast and ready for action!
Marines with the @22nd_MEU move fast during a search and seizure exercise in the Gulf of Aden.
Whether it’s training or they’ve found the real thing, military explosive ordnance disposal experts put their lives on the line to keep people safe. Take our #EOD quiz and see if you know how the job is done. ➡️

The Most Relevant

On June 6, 1944, 160,000+ Allied troops landed at #Normandy, a heavily fortified stretch of French coastline to initiate #DDay. More than 10,000 Allied soldiers were killed or wounded, but by day's end, the Allies had begun liberating Europe. #DDay747#TodayinHistory4
Never forgotten!
On Oct. 23, 1983, the #Beirut Marine Barracks bombing took the lives of 241 #Marines, #sailors and #soldiers. 35 years later, family, military and community continue to honor them at the #BeirutMemorialMe#HonorThemmorial.
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From refugee to #Marine. Cpl Ali J. Mohammed takes the fight to the doorstep of those who cast his family out.
Social media postings sometimes provide an important window into a person’s #mentalhealth. Know what to look for.
#Pets are family, too. 🐶 conduct ongoing#soldiers rescue and recovery efforts to help those affected by .

#Florence #ArmyResponse #KnowYourMil
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On this day, we honor the courage and sacrifice of the #PearlHarbor heroes. #HonorThem #PearlHarbor76
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#HappyThanksgiving from @USArmy and @USNationalGuard #soldiers serving with Task Force Marauder in #Afghanistan. 🦃
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Members of the 436th Security Forces Squadron say farewell to retired military working 🐶 Rico as his former handler carries him to the veterinary clinic. Rico was suffering from a spinal cord disease. We thank him for his dedicated service.
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