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Today, the WH released a transcript of a call at odds with their own readout from real time. Also today, WH said Trump wasn't watching the hearing. He then went out and told reporters he watched.

There are some moments that are destined to play in future documentaries. Marie Yovanovitch walking out of the hearing room to applause seems to be one of them.

In my first week as president, we will introduce Medicare for All legislation.

No wonder why Schiff is so afraid of @EliseStefanik 🔥 He said the Whistleblower would testify “It only changed when it became clear that there was coordination between Democratic staff and the Whistleblower before the Whistleblower Complaint was issued”

"The rest of the United States has just finally caught up to what this cat's been doing already for his entire career." Thank you @MarkRuffalo !

At least two other witnesses - beyond David Holmes - overheard the Trump-Sondland call in which Trump was pressing for investigations into the Bidens, we are told

The standing O for Yovanovitch was a signifying moment.

🚨 🚨 🚨 RATCLIFFE: “Out of thousands of companies in the Ukraine, the only one that you recall the Obama/Biden State Department preparing you to answer questions about was the one where the Vice President's son was on the board. Is that fair?” YOVANOVITCH: Yes. #QuidProJoe 

Elise Stefanik just lied. Schiff allowed a number of unanimous consent entries into the record. She’s really hanging her career on this.

Scientists have told us we must take action immediately to avoid climate catastrophe. A Green New Deal is not "radical," "unrealistic," or "too expensive." It is what is absolutely necessary.