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You Are not a person
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You Are not a person


You're NOT getting in a @lyft or @Uber with a dead smartphone https://t.co/R0Gyre6Aba via @BoosaTech & @triciastl
Wow ⁦@MissJulee⁩ 👏🏽 👏🏽 for your honesty & your positivity. You are indeed a force to reckon with. XPG https://t.co/phntfkiONl
You might be surprised to find out that these spectacular coastlines are so close to home: https://t.co/uD5JokJzme
#RT @heatradio: Afternoon @fiatarrant here!

You are the DJ for the next 4 hours!

What shall I play? https://t.co/Fy2fDUTavo
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This movie will stun you into silence — when it’s not making you laugh. https://t.co/l6vmDh0pdK
And i'm not even a morning person: https://t.co/xLi9DL1UyU
Happy National Junk Food Day 🍔🍟 how are you celebratin’!? 👅
As if new shoes weren't rewarding enough - This could be you holding all these shoes because Shoe Perks gives you even more exclusive deals and rewards PLUS free shipping on all purchases for Gold members. What are you waiting for? https://t.co/gglVZY4JLE
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