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You Are not a person
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You Are not a person


Are you actually tired — or just lazy? https://t.co/4csVyFlmbh
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Dogs are family. They are NOT alarm systems or toys. They belong inside with you, not outside on chains. Treat them with compassion & respect 💓 #DogsAreFamily#BanChaining
By the time you perceive an object or an event including your own body it has already occurred. You perceive only the past and the past is not here. That's why the world including your body is a dreamscape . Only you as awareness is always now. You are the dreamer not the dream.
Jeans are better after you take a pair of scissors to them:
#SELFCareSundays: Bedtime Routines That Make Waking Up Easier

The same bedtime routine doesn’t work for everyone. But if you’re not a morning person and want to become one, here are a few pre-bed rituals (from successful morning people, nonetheless) you can test out.
Your body is not a physical object but an activity of entangled relationships . You are the totality of relationships ; biosphere trees stars moon earth fire wind sky space and time . You are the observation deck for the universe looking at itself from a unique perspective
#Sunday 🤓 what are you reading? belletrist 📖💜 https://t.co/9G9q2y0IQj
Rabbits are:
✅ fuzzy
✅ social
✅ smart
✅ capable of complex emotions
✅ unique individuals with their own thoughts & desires

Rabbits are not:
🚫 experiments
🚫 toys
🚫 for you to wear

RT if you agree.
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