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I highly recommend reading 'Big Guns' a satire of the gun lobby and Congress by my friend @RepSteveIsrael Get your copy today! https://t.co/jWVLkXk0Lm #BigGuns
When you confuse yourself with your selfie you have lost your soul .
If you take things personally you will remain offended for life.
Feeling sick at the tragic fate of children gassed to death in Syria. Almost every nation in the world has gangsters & mobsters as their leaders.This is a sad commentary on our world culture.We have collectively allowed bullies to take control of our destiny& that of our children
Science is humanity’s greatest most exciting most dangerous and most promising adventure - YouTube https://t.co/TMoFPZ934S
When people think about growing old, they blame the passage of time. How you age happens now https://t.co/Ds55KMJHYm
Happy Reunion with Seymour Reichlin, MD PhD (my professor in Endocrinology who trained me, is now 94) and my dear friend @DrWeil
If by God @heather_berlin means an imagined deity she is correct . If God is pure consciousness , then infinite possibilities remain as we evolve in consciousness . Evolution now is meta biological. It is the evolution of consciousness and of the consciousness of consciousness.https://t.co/eAQiDlR1Xh
Happy Easter dear friends ! The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.
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