#PMCBankScam: HDIL directors arrested, assets worth Rs 3,500 crore attached. #DCBusiness  #HDIL 

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Breakfast in Solvang CA with Jan and @thedavidcrosby  for day two of making a podcast called "Freak Flag Flying" for @osirispod  that will air in January. After all these guys have been through together, they're still like lovebirds.

The globetrotting Sognonvis of @topflightfam  explains how you can start being a tourist by exploring the place you live, with the help of @Toyota  Prius#AD  #Prius 

16-inch MacBook Pro supports up to two 6K external displays $AAPL

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"To the world, I was conventionally attractive. Then I transitioned... and most of the people who used to tell me how 'perfect' I looked aren’t in my life anymore."

Let's Do This, a platform that lists ~30K races and provides personalized recommendations for participants in events like marathons, raises $15M Series A @mikebutcher  / TechCrunch)

Google scales back town hall meetings following leaks

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VIDEO OF Shamron Mitchell jumping out a window as police closed in, per @CoCoSheriff  . He was arrested a short while later on suspicion of murder and conspiracy in Halloween party in Orinda where 5 people were shot dead

À peine remis du "OK boomer", voici que la génération X (les 40-59 ans) se fait appeler Karen, "as in Karen, the middle-aged white mom who is always asking for the manager and wondering why kids are so obsessed with their identities."

M-theory is a promising model that unifies quantum mechanics and gravitation, but is difficult to solve analytically. New work published in #JHEP  demonstrates how solutions can be found for this model through novel applications of TensorFlow. Learn more ↓

Not yet an hour into #vicalpconf19  and they're already having a fight about when to have lunch. Can't think of better way to spend my weekend than with this bunch! #springst  #auspol