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‘Not here for decoration’: Thai transgender MPs make history in #Parliament . #DCWorld  #Thai  #Transgender 

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Thai / Mps

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@RonWyden  : "Let's get the message out from sea to shining sea: that everyone should have the right to repair what they own in the middle of a pandemic. I don't think that's too complicated. " 📢📢📢

Epic Games unveils $1.78 billion funding round at $17.3 billion valuation

We're live-streaming that news conference on our site as well.

6 VCs on the future of Michigan's startup ecosystem by @mjburnsy 

The Global Work Crisis: Automation, the Case Against Jobs, and What to Do About It

Feds move to block California’s net neutrality law

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TikTok twins charged over bank robbery 'prank'

In an interview Thursday, Trump repeated that he's done more for Black people than anyone, giving Abraham Lincoln a "possible" exception. That prompted Geraldo Rivera to call Trump a "civil rights activist."