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Indeed... Swedish expert admits mistakes in country’s handling of coronavirus via @FT 

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It's weird how extreme an idea like defunding the police is painted in Britain when defunding the arts, libraries, education, mental health, and the NHS have been public policy for decades

In the #GospelOfTheDay  (Mt 11:25-30), Jesus praises the Father, because He has hidden the secrets of His Kingdom "from the wise and the learned" and revealed them to the "little ones", who long for Him and expect everything from Him.

Why do Muslim states stay silent over China’s abuse of the Uighurs? | Nick Cohen

The United Nations has called for an immediate, global ceasefire in order to face the Covid-19 pandemic and provide humanitarian aid. I hope this Resolution will be implemented quickly for the good of those who suffer and become a first step toward a future of peace.

"When you're wide awake, say it for goodness sake, it's gonna be a great day..." ☀️ Summer is here, and Paul's 'Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket' playlist has been updated for July! Listen on @Spotify :

T 3584 - guru purnima ,, badhai .. the shishya is the 'question mark' the guru is the 'exclamation mark'

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That’s after the haircut . Barely touched it

Kanye West first talked about running for president back in 2015.