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Dearbhail McDonald

Journalist, author, broadcaster, Eisenhower Fellow @EF_Fellows, violinist, #NewryGirl & twin.

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The first tentative ‘run’ after unceremoniously joining the #crutchesclub  during #lockdown . Baby steps. Very baby ones. Great to see the kids adventuring back into the sea too as we enter #lemondedapres  #GratefulGal 

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This is a courageous and honest post. Mind yourself @campbellclaret  and wishing you well as you recover. A vaccine for depression, imagine... #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay 

Tfw (as @WHO  warns of second waves in Europe) you are looked at like you’re the total weirdo because you’re the only one in a shop wearing a mask 🤷‍♀️ 🧐

It’s not just the failure to appoint more women to Cabinet (yay for more women in the Seanad). It’s the rationalisation of departments that minimises the voice of women, minorities & others that is also worrying. When 51pc of population is tossed into an acronym, whaddya do?

‘Feeling Like Death’: Inside a Houston Hospital Bracing for a Virus Peak where nearly a third of ICU patients are under 50 👉

This 👉 thé coronavirus 'long-haulers' show how little we still know | Debbie Bogaert

Siri, why do we need more women in politics? 🤷‍♀️ Keir Starmer challenges Boris Johnson to do 50 push ups at next PMQs

So, more men than women rushed back to the hairdressers today, it seems?!

This man's dilemma is one thing, the response by Carolyn Hax is another :) His soon-to-be-ex objects to him hitting on her new friend


Thanks to for allowing me to share some thoughts, from this side of the Irish Sea, on the and what #Brexithe  #Backstopeans  to many #Borderf  us who grew up during the Troubles - and why we fear its return

Absolutely brilliant piece on #Brexit  and #Northern Ireland by who predicts that if we’re heading for a hard we’re heading for a united Ireland

Truly overwhelmed by the response to my piece I’m not alone: so many people hold similar memories about the & so many #Borderf  us are fearful about the impact of on the #Brexit  #PeaceProcess 

“The bodies of at least 400 children were discovered in a mass grave just a three-minute drive away from the care home in 2003@ Nuns among 12 arrested over historical abuse at orphanage in Scotland - Sky News

For all those struggling today, here are 14 men peacefully protesting outside the US Supreme Court as they chant ‘Believe women, believe survivors’