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Latest Scoops

Anders Edström’s new photo book captures slow moments in our rapid world:
.@LexieLiuBoxin is the Chinese rapper with a cyberpunk vision:
In their latest Dazed column, @thewhitepube grapple with a difficult question – how to make art that escapes the white gaze:
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Eight romance novels that are subverting the genre in 2019:
How safe-for-work sex subcultures are curving Tumblr censorship:
CeCe McDonald on how the prison industrial complex traps black trans women:
Maria Pasenau’s bold photo book is a living record of coming of age:
“Running this page has actually been insightful because from people and fans messaging us, we can see first hand how lonely people are.”

How safe-for-work sex subcultures are curving Tumblr censorship:
To launch the Spring 2019 collections of both jeans and underwear, @CalvinKlein has brought back campaign veterans @asvpxrocky and @KendallJenner, with @ShawnMendes and @noahcent making their CK debuts:

The Most Relevant

Meet BTS, the K-Pop phenomenon breaking world records:
2016 is the year BTS conquered K-Pop (and topped our run-down of the best K-Pop tracks of the year):
How boy group BTS defied the odds to break K-Pop’s borders:
How @BTS_twt’s androgynous, fluid style is empowering teens worldwide:
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K-pop group have had a #1 album in the US and some of the best choreography in the game, so why weren’t they nominated at the ?
Jimin from @BTS_twt has released his first solo track ‘Promise’, which you can listen to here:
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