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If you can't make it to #MarchForOurLives, catch some of the amazing teens fighting against gun violence who are taking over @Dazed Instagram stories today, live from the protest https://t.co/uXPvxbp2rm
27 minutes
Exploring the beauty and shame of freckles:
“I heard the rapid pops of gunfire and screams of absolute terror and that’s when people were yelling to go inside a class”

Nine teenagers explain why they’re joining the fight against guns: https://t.co/6SWS9EG2Nh

Donald Trump signs new transgender military ban – ‘transphobia masquerading as policy’ https://t.co/Frkc0nQHEY
Five of the most powerful representations of AIDS on screen

Via @AnotherMan:
Pinpointing the exact moment @JonahHill become a fashion icon:
"Why question teenagers more than these politicians?
Why are we so intimidating?
It’s because we won’t stand for this
It’s because we have a vision."


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Why kitsch is set to be a ruling aesthetic of 2018:
Mercury went into Retrograde yesterday, so we asked astrologer @voluptuouswitch to advise us on how to stop your life from moving backwards when the planets do:
Watch teen gun control activists perform their rallying cry “We Ask Back”:
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