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30 minutes
Images from Davide Sorrenti’s 90s archive are going up on Instagram:
How to stop dating the wrong people:
Watch the stirring trailer for gay conversion therapy film Boy Erased, featuring Lucas Hedges and @troyesivan:
Lots of fashion brands seem to be creating pieces which look like two different items spliced abruptly together. We’ve called this 50/50 fashion, and here’s why we think it’s so damn hot right now:
Legendary fashion photographer Tim Walker’s fantasy world is set to become reality in a new V&A exhibition opening next year:
To celebrate @SHINee’s 10th anniversary, we’ve looked at six of the most significant singles they released since their debut, and spoke to some of the people who helped make them what they were:
#BecauseWeveRead is Iranian-American blogger Hoda Katebi’s latest virtual project – an online book club all about real history and radical politics:
Charlie Curran’s documentary See Know Evil will chart an ‘oral biography’ of Davide Sorrenti’s life. Ahead of the film’s long-awaited release, Curran has started a new Instagram account posting images from the late photographer’s 90s archive:
Since @CynthiaNixon announced she was running for governor of New York, she has received donations from many of her former Sex and the City co-stars.

Now Christopher Noth – or, as he’s more commonly known, Mr Big – has joined the party:
Watch the stirring trailer for gay conversion therapy film Boy Erased, starring Lucas Hedges and @troyesivan:
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