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David Lazarus

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What a contrast between the people who know what they're talking about and Trump just winging it

Coming up on @KTLA : Down, down goes the Dow -- again

The president seems pretty amazed that the flu can be fatal

It's hard to believe he's using the #coronavirus  briefing to score political points and tout stocks

Mike Pence believes it would be great if the world was devastated by a huge catastrophe because that would mean Jesus might return, so of course you want a guy like that overseeing a public health crisis

Coming up on @KTLA : If you order something from China, is it safe to open the package?

Guess where most drug ingredients come from. My column in tomorrow's @latimes 


The poorly educated probably don't realize that talks with the EU on lowering tariffs began under Obama. Trump halted them. Now he's started them again and claiming a trade win

There's a growing suspicion that we won't be giving up our foster kitty

Just to be clear, today was the day a prominent GOP lawmaker took a pro-rape, pro-incest position

I'm getting a lot of nice emails from readers who didn't know they qualified for a piece of the #Equifax  privacy settlement. The link to find out is in the column

After being targeted by anti-Semites for being a Jewish reporter, I no longer think Hillary went too far with 'basket of deplorables' thing

Right now, Ryan is haggling with far-right members of his party who want Americans to have even *less* health coverage. Think about that

I spoke to my dog this morning in calm, measured voice. He thought I was very presidential

Delta CEO says he doesn't recline his seat — but for those who do, it's 'proper' to ask first