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MSNBC's @deadlinewh  going all-in on whether Trump does or doesn't have coronavirus instead of addressing significant news developments.

So thirsty, so patronizing, it's a Rubin special

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Huge Dow spike as we near closing. Up almost 1,500 points.

Really appreciate what Ben Carson said about living out the values of personal faith during this emergency. Loving your neighbor, looking out for the vulnerable, praying, in addition to the public safety guidelines everyone should be practicing.

You think you can just call this virus that originated in China a Chinese virus?

MSNBC reporting re: @BrianKempGA's  remarks about not knowing until this week that asymptomatic people can spread coronavirus that state health official said he was referring to new data showing rate of such transmissions is higher than previously known.

Tom Cotton Says China Is Due for a ‘Reckoning’