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Nobody has everything but everybody has something.


The announcement of his live speech set for Friday shut down the pro-life organization's website

God gives different people different talents. Wherever He has you, He has you there for a purpose.

A female state senator from Michigan has come forward with a sexual harassment complaint against a male lawmaker in the wake of recent claims from a reporter regarding his conduct, to help show that "this behavior is a pattern."

Stop cursing the darkness and light some candles.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly hacks Jeff Bezos's phone, Congress members clash at President Trump's Senate trial, and @BBCKimGhattas  discusses "Black Wave." Listen and subscribe:

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Workout warriors should keep these top protein sources stocked.

Instagram photos with warm hues, higher contrast, and higher exposure increase chances of receiving views and comments.

"I wouldn’t exist if my mom didn’t have access to abortion care when she needed it, and my two sons, ages five and one, wouldn’t exist if I was denied the abortion I had when I wasn’t ready, willing, or able to become a mom."