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Canadians expect their leaders to work across party lines to accomplish change. Today, I am pleased to table bill C-5, based on a private Member’s bill introduced by former Conservative leader, the Honorable@RonaAmbrose.  (1/2)

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Conservative / Honorable

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King's College Hospital in London has confirmed a 13-year-old boy has died after testing positive for covid-19

"I wish he'd listen more to the scientists and think less about the political consequences," Joe Biden says about Pres. Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. "...The President says he's a wartime president...He should act like a wartime president."

NEW: CA has 6,932 positive cases of #COVID19 . 1,617 of those who have tested positive are in our hospitals. 657 of those patients are in the ICU. Over the next few weeks we expect these numbers to increase. This disease can impact anyone. Stay home. Take this seriously.

A 13-year-old boy who tested positive for coronavirus has died, says London's King's College Hospital Trust

JUST IN: 13 year old who tested positive for coronavirus in the UK has died

DoD said it was making 2,000 ventilators available for #CoronaVirus .Today we learn not one has shipped because Pentagon hasn’t been told where to send them. And only 2 mill of 5 mill masks shipped. DOD needs to know where to ship we are told

WHO Says Removing Official From Website After Viral China Interview Was A Coincidence

One Texas doctor who wore a mask in a hallway after treating a man in respiratory distress was suspended and got this text from his boss: “UR WEARING IT DOWN A PUBLIC HALL. THERES NO MORE WUHAN VIRUS IN THE HALLS AT THE HOSPITAL THAN WALMART. MAYBE LESS.”

He’s worked 18 shifts in the last 21 days, intubated his own nursing staff, and seen ER patients - clearly COVID positive - wait for 80 hours for a bed upstairs. Harrowing tales from inside NYC ERs.