I took a close look at the House Republican's impeachment report--someone has to do it!--and discovered it's a magnum opus of gaslighting. Please read, RT, and share.

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US House to proceed with articles of impeachment against President Trump.

"It's not just about him [Pres. Trump] wanting to throw a handful of political mud at Joe Biden. It's about his selling out the country's global security to get hold of it.” @HardballChris 

When asked by a reporter if she hates the president, Nancy Pelosi fires back saying, "I don't hate anybody."

NBC News: The U.S. Treasury has linked one of the primary people charged in the massive cyber crime indictment unsealed today with the Russian Federal Security Service (the FSB). Maksim Yakubets AKA "Aqua" has been linked to "Evil Corp" the group behind the scheme as well.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on impeachment inquiry: "This is about Russia...All roads lead to Putin. Understand that."

JUST IN: Judiciary Committee notices Monday hearing to receive impeachment evidence, next step in drafting articles.

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Sinclair reporter James Rosen who asked Pelosi if she "hates the president" left Fox News last year after allegations he made sexual advances toward three female Fox News journalists, including two reporters and a producer.

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Rudy Giuliani made a surprise visit to Kyiv and nobody here is happy about it. My dispatch on what’s been a dizzying past 24 hours in Ukraine’s capital city, with details about Giuliani’s movements and the merry band of conspiracy theorists tagging along.

The ardent, joyful proponents of America’s toddler jails will now lecture you on the proper treatment of children