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I was just on with @JoyAnnReid--and coming back in a few minutes.
Will the bizarre case of Felix Sater—a Russia mob-linked felon & Trump partner—play a role in Mueller's probe? https://t.co/rB18RJHIhS
Imagine this: a press conference during which Trump is asked detailed questions about the policy specifics of Senate GOP health care bill.
The guy who shouts "fake news" all the time has now acknowledged he created fake news by suggesting he might have taped Comey.
I have always taught my kids that it's okay to lie when you want to scare someone else into telling the truth.
How a top special counsel aide is tied to the case of Felix Sater, a Russia- and mob-linked Trump business partner. https://t.co/rB18RJq7qk
Check this out! A top Mueller aide once worked on an investigation of a Trump associate tied to the Russian mob. https://t.co/rB18RJq7qk
Hey, Mueller, @TimOBrien thinks you should check out Iceland https://t.co/c9UMVHyiof
Trump: Obama wiretapped me.
Trump: I may have secretly recorded Comey.
Trump: The real problem is fake news.
I recommend you stay away from .@amazon @Chase Card. Terrible customer service experience today. I'm not using it any more.
Jeh Johnson on Trump denying Russia meddling: "A president….depends upon the intel. comm...If you don’t you cannot effectively do your job."
States rejected federal help on Russian hacking during the election, says the former DHS head https://t.co/gT7Eku3f17
House Democrats tell Republicans: Investigate the Comey firing now https://t.co/WVo5UfvUr2
@RepSpeier at House intel comm. hearing: "How can we be sure votes were not altered."
Jeh Johnson: "I know of no evidence."
Hey, has Trump shown any interest in preventing Russia from screwing with US elections? (That's a rhetorical question.)
FBI is still investigating the Russia cyber-intrusions aimed at 21 state election systems.
Assistant director of counterintelligence division at FBI tells Senate intel comm. one Moscow goal was to "denigrate" HRC and "help" Trump.
DHS and FBI officials tell Senate intel committee that Russia targeted 21 state election systems in 2016 election.
So five months after the IC assessment said Putin hacked US election to help Trump, WH cannot say Trump believes Russia intervened. Crazy!
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