Dave Bautista

Well I can say this about the @xfl2020  .. knowing that @VinceMcMahon  is a huge dog lover, there’s not chance in hell he’d be ok with dog murderers and piece of shit players abounding their dogs in the middle of the street. I’m not sure how anyone else is ok with it either.

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@BTS_twt  discuss their favorite lyrics on #MAP_OF_THE__SOUL_7 , what their song “ON” means to them, what their best memories from creating the album are and more.

Incredibly honored to cover @vogueaustralia  Thank you for having me♥️

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In a new interview, BTS explain why 'Map of the Soul: 7' is " a love song for our career.”

Proposed Bill To Block Funding For Sanctuary States Giving Drivers’ Licenses to Illegals

One thing now clear: a 40 yr-old trend of capitalism without a conscience - corporate fat cats & their errand boys in government - have created the inevitable blowback in the form of a political revolution. It was slow getting here, but it’s arrived. And it will not be going away

Many African-Americans, like Angela Stanton-King - not to mention Dr. Ben Carson - have had enough.

Getting a lot of #SetItOff  requests for the new @BTS_twt  Who want's to hear "On" on your radio tonight? #SetItOff  with @DJclymaxxx  & @devobrown 

Six years ago today Nipsey celebrated his first billboard near Leimert Park

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@OfficialMonstaX  reveals which member is the biggest troublemaker, who posts the most selfies & more in a game of #BillboardBandmates