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If we want to be disciples of Christ, this is the way: loved by God, we are called to love; forgiven, to forgive; saved freely, to seek no profit from the good we do. #Bari2020 

Let us pray to the Lord that he may move hearts and that all may overcome the logic of confrontation, hatred and revenge in order to rediscover themselves as brothers, children of one Father. #Bari2020 

This is the work the Lord entrusts for the Mediterranean: to restore broken relationships, to rebuild cities destroyed by violence, to make a garden flourish, to instill hope in who has lost it and to encourage those caught up in themselves not to fear their brothers or sisters.

The England Women finish their innings on 123/8! The #ProteasWomen  need 124 runs to win! Well bowled ladies! #AlwaysRising  #peoplecricket  #proudlysouthafrican  #t20worldcup 

Once you have an intelligence service than tells the President only what he wants to hear, the rest of us are like passengers in an aircraft whose altimeter says ' What would you like the height to be, boss ? '