One thing that is irrelevant in the Stephenson case? The fact it’s 36 bucks. It’s the act. The amount doesn’t matter one iota. Could be 5 bucks could be 600. Doesn’t matter.

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"The information that I heard in this classified setting, where we're sworn to secrecy, is absolutely chilling, startling, and shocking," Sen. Blumenthal says about intel reports on threats to US elections. "The American people need and deserve to know."

President Trump was just asked to step inside in the middle of his briefing and rushed out. Not sure what is happening.

Aerial footage shows devastating aftermath of deadly Beirut blast from above. Some 300,000 people—more than 12% of the Lebanese capital's population — are unable to return to their homes because of the explosion.

Belarusian opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya hasn’t been seen or heard from for hours following a meeting at the Central Election Commission. Her own staff aren’t sure where she is and she’s not answering calls and texts even from foreign ministers of other countries.

Tough guy @NYGovCuomo ⁩ & his pals are too afraid of @JaniceDean ⁩ to let her speak at hearing examining NY COVID nursing home deaths. They yanked her invite! Could it be b/c ... she’ll tell the truth? Man up, Guv.

mitch mcconnell is very skilled at holding his caucus together for the sake of obstruction but has absolutely no experience crafting and shepharding large, complex legislation, so it is no surprise he’s floundering

We're LIVE tracking this derecho now headed towards Chicago, with wind speeds expected to be between 70 and 100 mph. Identify a safe place in your home!

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$KODK -KODK board member - Gary Karfunkel - MosesMarx’s sons-in-law are Phillippe Katz & Joseph Fink. -KODK board member - Phillippe Katz When shares started to surge, those noted above + Gary’s wife Renee owned 1/3 or more. Now Karfunkel & Marx are under 5% each THIS MATTERS

The Trump administration should invoke the Global Magnitsky Act and sanction those Belarusian officials responsible for stealing the election and arresting peaceful protestors. Things could get worse. Act now.