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Bloomberg bureau chief in Dublin, father of three, lucky husband, ?Dubs fan living in a golden age? 087-9046934. All opinions are my own.

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NAMA buys back some of its riskiest debt. Story on @TheTerminal
Heart sinks a bit when TDs start bringing up rural roads during leaders’ questions. Prompts some serious reflection about life choices.
Was really annoyed when Roma beat Barca. Now I know why.
I have a child who listens to AC/DC. Where did I go wrong?
Trip to Tipp is back. My god. Remember seeing Bjork there. for evermore known as ``Bjork, Bejasus.'' We thought we were HILARIOUS.
At info evening for Gaeltacht before teen daughter heads. Apparently, they will have their dinner at 1.15-1.30. Not sure she”ll like that.
Former European commission head Catherine day: Europe won’t miss the “constant sniping and undermining” of the EU by the UK.
At Brexit conference, Bertie Ahern suggests EU may pressure ireland to cave in on border at the last minute - the “evil” hour, he calls it.
Getting ready for #marian this morning. As long as we stick to Big Tom, will be fine.
Cue 23 point turnaround
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