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Bloomberg bureau chief in Dublin, father of three, lucky husband, ?Dubs fan living in a golden age? 087-9046934. All opinions are my own.

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Eu says nothing has changed on the apple tax case after company's decision to move money back to US. More on @TheTerminal
Will apple's decision to move cash back to US deprive Ireland of potential 13billion windfall? It seems not at this point. On @TheTerminal
Irish Brexit negotiator Rory Montgomery tells Trinity audience: ``I'm afraid the border (issue) hasn't gone away, you know.'' gulp.
Just bumped into the wonderful John O'Hagan, who supervised my 2-year research masters a long time ago. ``Tell me, Dara. did you ever do a masters?'' he said. clearly, no career highlight for him.
"Ya bleedin' sap" - ace Dublin insult overheard on dart this morning.
Somehow @oreillyfmp has persuaded the two youngest ones to hang out a large wash at 8:30 on a Friday night. Parent of the year.
Hottest Home Market in Euro Area Has Irish Lawmaker Feeling Pain https://t.co/7k1NYXfBtx via @BloombergQuint
Just got a press release trumpeting "lateral hires" - what might this mean, I wonder?
For these miserable January evenings: casa de papel on Netflix is fab. It's not flawless, a little cheesy at times but really enjoyable.
Trying to motivate myself to go for a run this evening. I guess promising myself a burger & fries would defeat the purpose....
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