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Bloomberg bureau chief in Dublin, father of three, lucky husband, ?Dubs fan living in a golden age? 087-9046934. All opinions are my own.

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Right, stick it up the jumper for next 9 mins.
Getting a lot of lucky-ish breaks. Can it last?
Cian Healy’s face just now = how I felt today at end of 5k
What Time is the haka? LOVE the haka.
See lot of people picking up autumn leaves from their front gardens. Looks adult. Is that something one supposed to do? Asking for a friend
Middle age : when u prefer a nice decaf to a second bottle of beer. On a Friday night
There are people walking around Dublin in shirt sleeves. In mid-November. So mild, it’s discombobulating altogether.
interesting comments from @campaignforleo- May will have tough Job getting deal thru parliament- resulting chaos may see backing for deal.
And here is a link to the Denis O'Brien I/v on Bloomberg tv: https://t.co/rYjKenNnEY
In a Bloomberg TV interview with Denis O'Brien today, he compares U.K. to an emerging market economy amid Brexit chaos: https://t.co/4zDFJVt7i7
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