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Bloomberg bureau chief in Dublin, father of three, lucky husband, ?Dubs fan living in a golden age? 087-9046934. All opinions are my own.

Latest Scoops

As usual, Keith Duggan nails it. That stuff in Copenhagen last week was mortifying. Worth a read.
Some earnings news at Denis o Brien's Digicel. Scoop on @TheTerminal
Irish Times Brexit splash today looks a little familiar: https://t.co/pzm9VDpbWr
Think it took boris less than 60 seconds to mention Guinness. Which is impressive Before 9 in morning
Boris comes to Dublin.....
Apple tax collection hits another delay: https://t.co/gwyTONdCHs
Dublin appears to have lost out on another big post-Brexit trading hub. Story on @TheTerminal
Where are the Apple tax billions? @pfmflan reports on another delay in Ireland's efforts to collect the 13 billion euros. On @TheTerminal
interesting. my colleagues in Brussels reporting EU official as saying there's no danger of Ireland using its veto in Brexit talks.
Trinity looking lovely this morning. #thesunkeepsrising
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