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Bloomberg bureau chief in Dublin, father of three, lucky husband, ?Dubs fan living in a golden age? 087-9046934. All opinions are my own.

Latest Scoops

Excited by our new raised flower bed! Peak middle age?
Lucky Dublin hat, it’s almost time to go to work....
Anyone had experience of Ryanair’s handling of strike/ensuing cancellations etc? Good, bad, indifferent?
Just noticed when I get library books for teen, usually center on a heroine coming of age. Mine tend to involve men in mid-life crisis.
If you haven’t been to Happy Out on way to dollymount, don’t go: it’s great and I don’t want yiz adding to the queues
Love the carved tree in st. Anne’s. Apparently it’s the work of an English chainsaw carving champion. Who knew?
It’s bleedin’ freezin in Dublin, man
My Berlin: Trabi, ampelmann and a beer
Sweating like, I dunno, a slightly overweight middle aged man sitting on a balcony in 26 degrees at 10:35pm. #HeatWave2018
That’s it. Berlin, it’s been a blast!
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