Daniel Finkelstein

My friend was in an airport lounge when a man came in and said “is there an economist in this lounge?” My friend, startled but pleased, announced proudly: “Actually yes I’m an economist”. The man gave him an odd look and said: “...the magazine”.

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4.8 million jobs added—the biggest monthly gain ON RECORD! US

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Trump on resurgence of virus as cases are spiking in several states: “We are putting out that life because it’s a bad life that we’re talking about.”

Today's jobs report is "spectacular news for American workers and American families and for our country as a whole." US

President Putin and I agreed to maintain regular consultations in the coming months, as we prepare for a successful visit by him to India later this year. The India-Russia partnership can and will play an important role in the post-COVID world.

The military shouldn't be policing peaceful protests. Period. But if they do, they should identify themselves - something they refused to do at the DC protests. FYI I offered an amendment to require this on the pending defense bill, but Republicans are blocking it. Why?