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I’m also very excited that @BrOOKS Pinner will shortly be reopening and that it will be available to buy there and in other independent stores. I hope Pinner friend who wants to buy it will pick up a copy in a Brooks.

He completely does want people to share this tweet. That is a total misreading of him.

@Pragjag  @biscuitsgodHe  thinks it. He still thinks it. He doesn’t mind people knowing it. It’s a total and almost funny misreading of him that he minds. He sees himself as trying to change those things.

@fuchsy17  @DAaronovitchT  @thetimesh  @HarperCollinsank  you! Yes there definitely will be. We are scheduling my recording of it and I hope to do it soon.

@DuncanWeldon  Yes I agree. There have been books about “How the Spanish Flu changed with affairs” while the most striking thing is either that it didn’t or that it did and pretty much every historian has missed it.

I think it’s astonishingly irresponsible.

You found time for this, but not the apology you owe me.

Things I have discovered today. That the man who personally came to my father’s home and evicted him prior to my family’s arrest, became a Marshall of the Soviet Union and his ashes are still buried in the wall of the Kremlin.


This week I will be tweeting about my mother’s release from Belsen, 75 years ago.

To try to suggest that what Mr Cummings did was not a breach of the lockdown is never going to work. It drags everyone into making completely unconvincing statements and (ludicrously) claiming the issue is being politicised. This diminishes everyone.

My friend was in an airport lounge when a man came in and said “is there an economist in this lounge?” My friend, startled but pleased, announced proudly: “Actually yes I’m an economist”. The man gave him an odd look and said: “...the magazine”.

Just to be clear what it meant to my family. The confiscation of their property, years in hard labour camp for my grandfather, exile to the edges of Siberia for my Dad (aged 10) and my grandmother. Never going home again. All this happened because of October 1917.

I’m in an unaccustomed position with Katie Hopkins. My normal attitude is sympathy to almost anyone in trouble. But she’s different. She hypothesised she could make a fortune by saying awful things, becoming a horrible racist. It’s important for public discourse that she failed.

This is my youngest son, Isaac. It is his Barmitzvah tomorrow and there was to have been a party afterwards. But now the party has had to be postponed. But he will still be reading from the Torah, albeit online from home. I know how much he’d love to see your likes and messages.

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On the night of the referendum result I was waiting with Toby to go on ITV. It looked like Leave would lose narrowly. Toby told me that this wouldn’t be the end of it. He told me of plans to press on, call for another referendum and use the loss as a springboard for leaving.

I wonder if it’s ok when condemning the behaviour toward Owen Jones & Anna Soubry, to gently point out that John McDonnell called for Tory MPs not to be able to show their faces in public without being challenged by direct action. And this shows at least the problem with that.